Cubase 13.0.20 Unusable

I’ve been a Cubase customer since version 5 and always had a good experience with upgrades. Unfortunately Cubase 13 is not the same. It freezes on start up - Hub appears but is unresponsive, on the odd occasion it is responsive the project I open will be unresponsive and when a project finally worked, it crashed within a minute.

Please help.

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Hi and welcome to the forum,

Most probably, there is any dialog hidden behind the Hub. Please show all Cubase windows.

When it does work it takes about 3 minutes to load.

Frozen project

Hi @Chris_Davidson

Thank you for using our software and sorry to hear about your bad experience with C13. In order to help I would need you to send me vie PM your crash and freeze logs. You can find them under Documents/Steinberg/Crashlogs. I only need the latest one that are likely generated by C13.

Concerning your problem with the hub, a workaround might be to disable the news. You can disable the option in Preferences/General/Show news in Hub


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I experience this was well. In my case, it only happens when I have exited a successful cubase session and re-launch cubase. Cubase hangs on the hub with no content displayed

I have the exact problem the OP has. I was reluctant to post until now, because it wasn’t present in the release version but started to happen eventually. So I thought I was looking at a problem on my end and was investigating this for weeks now.

I found that it happens when any other foreground application is running. Over here this might be MS Word (when I’m writing lyrics for a song) or it could be RME Total MIx when I am preparing the routing of my RME-cards for a recording session.

When I have nothing else open, Cubase comes up as it should and the hub is responsive as it always was.

Now when it freezes/got unresponsive when the hub shows up, I can kill Cubase with the Task-Manager and start it again. Then it will always work, regardless of what else programs I’m running.

I also looked into some information in the Task-Manager about the thread and a “frozen” Cubase would show “waiting on a resonse from the network” (or something like that, I don’t know the exact message on top of my head right now).

I will try your solution, as it makes some sense with what I’ve gathered until now.

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i too have used cubase since cubase vst 3.5 for windows 98 SE and have followed/bought every update since artist/pro 6 however within two days of purchasing pro 13 i got a refund and went back to pro 12. worst they have ever done.

C13, for me, is a car crash, and I also reverted to C12. But I wouldn’t have got a refund - I have hopes that they will sort it out after a couple more updates. I actually quite like C13, if only it would run properly (on my machine).

Hi everyone,

We are sorry you are experiencing crashes and instability with Cubase and understand your disappointment.

Nonetheless from our point of view there is not much we can do if this is not accompanied with at least IPS / DMP files and/or a deterministic way of reproducing the issue(s) you are encountering.


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I’m sorry for your experience. Do you have the *.dmp/ips file(s) available, please? Could you share them?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Armand was faster. Shame on me. :cry:

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Hi Armand, the video glitches are a well known issue, mentioned in Cubase’s release notes, and, for me, the workarounds do not work (I have an AMD 6700XT).
The few crashes I’ve had have not produced a DMP file (and I have dump files going back to version 7!). The worst problem, for me, is the “white screen”, which sometimes render Cubase completely unresponsive. This, along with the moving around of every day functions (and wondering if they have been removed because I can’t find them), is why I went back to C12. Like I said in my previous post, I have hopes that the devs will sort it all out soon.


If you mean the graphic glitches, these were known for the initial Cubase 13.0.10 release. In the 1st maintenance update (Cubase 13.0.20), the known glitches were fixed. So if you have some in 13.0.20, please describe them, add your system information and share these data, please.

Hi Martin.
I installed the update to 13.0.20 and and for me the graphic glitch situation still remains the same.


The graphic glitches are not fixed for everybody and there’s actually no solution for those (like me) with Intel graphic GPUs.

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Hi, Martin, like I said, random window white outs, (sometimes “scrubbing” with the mouse will redraw the window, sometimes Cubase is unresponsive and I have to use the task manager to kill it). The .20 update did improve matters, just not by enough.
But I have faith in the Cubase team.:sparkling_heart:

I followed the instructions but sadly im still having the same issue.
I will hang on for an update that will maybe fix this. Failing that i will try going back to 12 but that was a struggle too…maybe i will go further back to 10 lol.

Nope , and we are told the next update is somewhere in the first quarter of this year lol