Cubase 13.0.21 update by download manager won't work

I own Cubase 13.0.20 PRO version. It runs perfeclty on a pc I7 with 48Mb ram and Steinberg ub44 audio card. I noticed that the 13.0.21 update were available and , using the last version of download manager, I downloaded the update.
The problem is when I try to install the update ,both via Download manager and clicking directly on the downloaded file in the download folder, after few second it appears an error message during the installation of Microsoft Visual C++ file, and then a second error message sayng installation is not possible due to unknow error.
I also tried to download the latest Visual C+ library from Microsoft but it doesn’t work too. Anyone have the same problem ? Someone have an idea how to fix it ?
THanks in advance

try to repair or uninstall the exact redistributable from where you normally uninstall programs, in configuration-programs and components.

Hi Vinark, thanks for the advice.
I 've tried to uninstall the redistributable via windows control panel and I’ve reinstalled from scratch but unfortunately I got always the same error and the update installation won’t proceed.
Any other advice ?

Yes one more lol. It is not really a solution, but might get 13 .0.21 installed. If you unpack the installer, I use WinRAR, you see the installer.exe but also a cubase.msi. DoubleClick that one. It will only install 0.21 and nothing more. Hope this one helps
Still the redistributable might need fixing in the future. Might need google for that one.

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Thanks Vinark, I will try.
I hope that installing it without the help of the redistributable will not then crash my program.

It would appear there may be some damage in your operating system. Vinark’s suggestion may be a valid workaround to get Cubase installed but the problem may come back to bite you further down the road.
Try running the command ‘sfc /scannow’ from an admin-level command prompt. This command scans the Windows file structure and replaces corrupted files where possible. Can’t guarantee it will fix your particular problem but it’s a good place to start when Windows suddenly starts throwing up spurious errors.

If .20 is working now, it 99.9% certain it will. But if not if you fix the redistributable it will work again. Is the Ms redistributable installed? If yes I expect no problems. Might be a bug with your language version of windows and Steinberg. Oh and another idea, run the cubase installer as admin.

Hello KT66, thanks for the advice.
I did it and it repaired some file but when I tried to reinstall Cubase I got the same error.

Hi Vinark,
I downloaded again the redistributable, uninstalled previous installation via Control panel and reinstalled again, but nothing to do.
The installation of redistributable seems to work fine but when I try to launch Cubase update I got the same error.
The last thing that it remains to try is to install it using cubase.msi as you said.

Are you running the italian (my guess of your country) or english. If non english uninstall the redistributable again and install the basic english version.

Hi Vinark, thanks.
I’m running the english version downloaded directly from the Microsoft platform.
I’ve also open a ticket to Steinberg support but they didn’t answer yet

Hello Michele_Felloni,
I have exactly the same problem and it started when Windows did an update, I tried everything and always the same error, even worse it tells me that Halion, Groove Agent, etc… are missing. whereas Cubase Pro 13.0.20 works perfectly well with all the plugins, I also entered a ticket and still no answer. Wait and see :wink: