Cubase 13.0.30 - extra space in the Mix Console

Congrats on this release! Looks much better in my opinion as well! Really great improvement!

On 2 out of my 4 MixConsoles, I need only Meter Bridge and Faders. It seems that with this update there’s a useless space I can’t get rid of. It wasn’t perfect on 13.0.20 but at least I could reduce it significantly.
On Cubase 12.0.70 looks perfect.

Please see attachment.

How can I do that? Is it possible? Can we improve this GUI aspect?

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Same problem here. I talked to support yesterday. He said he did not have the problem on his windows computer. After taking remote control of mine he did see the problem. He removed my preferences but the problem still remains. He said he would check it out with others in support and report the issue to Steinberg Germany if necessary. He did also state he hasn’t had any other calls regarding this issue.

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Same problem here.

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Awesome! Thanks for letting me know!

You are welcome

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Here is the reply I received from Steinberg support:


Thank you for the patience.
We did confirm this does happen in cubase 13.0.30 across the board .
It may be intended with the update and just be that way or it may be a bug we have reported it to Germany Headquarters and will let know if we hear back form them about it as well.

Thank you
Steinberg US Support


That is great! Thanks so much for your time!
I see others have reported it and spoken about it in this forum, I’m hopeful something can be done on the next update.

Hi everyone and thank you for reporting this issue. The extra space is a unintended side-effect of a fix which unfortunately was not caught before the release. This will be fixed in the upcoming maintenance update.


Just got word from support that this will be fixed in a future update.

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Fantastic news!

Now you can give the render in place speed some love? Or are you still pretending no one has seen this issue at Cubase Headquarters?