Cubase 13.0.30 freezing constantly - PLEASE HELP!


I’m sorry, the fiel doesn’t look healthy. Could you ZIP the log files and put the ZIP to the Dropbox, please?

Are you using the default or windows RT midi?

Did you go from Cubase 10 to Cubase 13?


Hi Martin,
Two links of zip archives of most recent freezes - archives include the pair of dmp and json files
It happened again -timing of seems pretty consistent - every 24-26hours or so
Sometimes I need to reboot after crash as on occasions the online licensing doesn’t register otherwise following the crash
Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it!

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Have changed to using Windows RT - initially was on default but hasn’t stopped the crashes
Yes went from C10 to C13…is this a potentially issue??

well, this made me think. I used Cubase up to V11 everyday in my studio and it was great. C12 came along and I upgraded and it was a nightmare, constant freezes/crashes and I just couldnt get it to work so in the end I jumped to Reaper and carried on my new projects with it. I had a 12-18 months period of perfect stability. I did however miss Cubase and it’s look and feel so when C 13 came out I decided to give it another go, so I wiped anything to do with Steinberg/cubase from my machine and installed C13.

It was definitely beter than 12 but i had crashing/frezzing issues which showed windws WDM midi so i changed to RT. I the bought a MBP and installed C13 on there and it ran like a dream, so much so it became by main machine.

I did though last week work on my current projcetcs on my Studio 7950x windows machine and after 6 months of crash free C13 work on the MBP I was back to having freezes and crashes on a daily basis.

This is the same machine that ran 12-18 months without a single crash with Reaper , so it’s NOT a hardware issue.

I’m still not sure what’s going on, like yourself , hence my interest in this thread.


No it’s definitely not my hardware or configuration….is as good as you can get on the planet……Since Cubase 10 something broke in the coding for PC
Fortunately there’s a now a solid working version if you go Mac but it’s getting to the point for PC users like you say it’s abandon ship or change platforms…
I’ve been using it too long to change so question will be (to use it professionally) whether concede to the big A company or will Steinberg resolve the PC stability sometime in the near future….going back to earlier version isn’t a solution either……

Unfortunately, I’m in the same situation here and I can’t deny the truth that Cubase since v12 works better on Mac OS :frowning:

I really prefer window and having choice of hardwre config etc but as things stand my 10 core ,3.4GHZ MBP can perform as well CPU wise and better stability wise than my 16/32 core 5.7GHZ AMD 7950x winodws 11 machine…

that shouldn’t be the case…


You said it…& it’s pretty much where it’s at…it’s a mess…it’s almost at the point for me that will concede to a Mac as I’ve been wrestling PC’s and DAWS for over a 1/4 of a decade and don’t have the time or the patience anymore to deal with continued performance issues…it’s not like I’m pushing the session hard - it’s just midi tracks triggering VEP, no plugins, nada, clean as…the program has frozen on the hub page with nothing happening (wtf??) -which kinda says it all
I got 3 options
(a) continue dealing with issues / accept is what it is
(b) jump ship to a different DAW and keep PC
(c) buy a mac
None are appealing
Totally agree - it shouldn’t be the case :confounded:


It crashed in the very same area. So the JSON log file is very valuable here. Thank you!

@Martin.Jirsak no problem thanks for checking it out……so what “same area” are you referring to? Does the log identify the issue or are there any further details you can possibly share in regards to this?….is it something that Steinberg needs to address?


I mean, all the freezes (but the one, which was in NI Kontakt) are in Cubase (the Audio Engine is waiting for something). Even these last 2 dumps were exactly the same, so the log file will help to find the other process, Audio engineer is waiting for.

Some Cubase developer has to do the investigation on this task, so I cannot give you more details at this moment, sorry.

Thank you for your cooperation!

@Martin.Jirsak when i get back to the studio I’ll also send you my crash dumps . As i mentioned in my post above I’ve had freezes crashes all last week using my window machine and when cubase has to be forced quited, it won’t …it stays in the task manager open which means you then have to reboot as it’s got control of the AXR4 at that point.

You mention Cubase is waiting for something, that’s exatly what it ‘feels’ like and I’ve had freezes at the hub or on a project opening as well so it feels like a similar issue.

6 months on the mac have been incredibly stable with exactly the same external hardware in comparison.


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Thanks @Martin.Jirsak appreciate the clarification
I’ll be certainly interested to learn what the issue is - hopefully the developers can resolve a satisfactory solution

Hi @Paul_Di_Stefano , thanks for submitting the dumps and information. My team is now looking into this issue. Just to be sure: are the freezes still happening with our latest C13.0.40 update?
Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks Chris, Another freeze happened again overnight but I’ve only now just updated to 13.0.40 so will report back in a day or so…we’ll see

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I hope you find an answer.

Could you share how one would do that please?


See @Muzik4Life 's link, please.

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OK so two freezes have happened again since updating to 13.0.40
Issue is now it’s worse as it doesn’t create a crash log!!!
Just slows down and stalls with a couple of spiked cores
Do you want me to send the user logger files or are they no good without the associated crash log??

@Martin.Jirsak @Chriss
Please find latest crash files zipped - this time there was a crash dump created
Please let me know if issues opening archive file
Thanks (722.3 KB)

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