Cubase 13.0.30 freezing constantly - PLEASE HELP!

I hear you. I have auto save on 5 mins so that usually is enough. However If you open a backup it won’t autosave until you save that backup to a *.cpr project first.

If you’re working alone it’s not a big issue but in front of clients any crashing is not good.

Also, most older generation professionals be that musicians or producers/engineers etc work on Mac’s and if you’re using windows it can be perceived as ‘less professional’ . So IME a window machine in a pro environment has to be more stable as any crashes will result in…‘why don’t yo use a Mac’ type of comments.

I’ve had unexpected lunch breaks in major studios when the pro tools /Mac rig goes down and it’ s just taken as one of those things… If it had been windows/Cubase there’d be finger pointing.

I’m going to see how it goes again today and make a couple of changes to ports etc and see how it goes.


@Martin.Jirsak same issue this morning when closing the project

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.15 (3.4 MB)

I thought it might be becasue I had everything connected via TB but i connected the AXR4U directly to the machine today and same issue.


Cubase has to be killed from the taskmanager as well when it crashes.


And another…

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.15 (3.3 MB)

It’s just frozen now on the Hub , there’s no crash dump and it won’t kill from the task manager either and it takes over the audio interface so no other program can use it so i have to re boot.


OK , another morning lost chasing bugs…

So here’s the latest.
Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.15 (3.5 MB)

I think I’ve found the possible cause.

External hardware.

I’ve removed my Manley Vari-Mu and my lexicon A300 from the project it will now NOT crash.

It’s NOT the AXR4 per se as i’ve rebuilt the project in Reaper with the same external hardware and it’s 100% fine.

@Martin.Jirsak can you confirm this is an External effects Cubase/AXR4 issue?

Not being able to use $6000 worth of high end hardware is a PIA.


FYI. this is fine under MacOS. Had zero issues using AXR4 and external hardware today.

Only issue i have is BFD 3 isn’t VST3 and I have 2 projects I’m working on that use it extensively, so windows is the only cubase option. Or Reaper macOS.


@Martin.Jirsak @Chriss
Today’s crash - doing nothing - after sitting idle for hours :person_shrugging: (1015.6 KB)
Fair enough if was using some dodgy plugin or pushing the system but that’s not what’s going in…freezes more often happen when literally nothing’s happening…
I’ve got no idea about coding, but seems to me pretty obvious if one version is mostly stable on mac and not windows, then something’s going on with how the Windows version has been written/playing ball with the MS OS.
…sorry to keep posting these freezes but hopefully the Steinberg team will get the idea that something needs to be sorted out under the hood

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The crash is the same, as before. It comes from AXR to Cubase, which crashes. Reported to Steinberg.


In this area, there are already some other crashes reported. Thank you.

@Martin.Jirsak Thank you, appreciated


Could you please try to remove the AXR component from the components folder? You will loose all the Cubase specific AXR features (you can control AXR from Cubase), but it might prevent the crash.

@Martin.Jirsak thanks but to be honest, I’ve given up , I’ve spent the last couple of months chasing bugs/crashes with Cubase on windows and I’ve come to the end of my tether. This is my livelyhood and it seems to keep using Cubase I need to transition to my Mac machine fully where I have few issues and can work without the fear of a crash.

it saddens me that Cubase has ended up being Mac Centric as I much prefer Windows and the ability to configure my machines as I want.

Also on top of the stability issues the performance difference between Apple and windows is now heavily in favour of Apple Silicone. In real world ussage my M1 MBP performs the same as my 7950x which is twice as powerful , this should not be the case.

I don’t know what’s going on at Stenberg at the moment with regards the programming but somethings seriously amis.

The fact that your flagship interface crashes the flagship DAW on windows only is a big red flag to me.

I’m sorry to sound harsh but I’ve used Cubase since the 1980’s on the ATARI , I’m a professional user and expect that having a top spec/well researched windows machine, a top of the range Steinberg interface and their Flagship DAW to work reliably .


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@Martin.Jirsak I plugged my UR22-C in instead just to try and it crashed again.

Cubase 13.0.41 64bit2024.6.17 (3.4 MB)


Now the crash is caused by the “ur_c_extension”

Because this is a problem with the hardware you are using, have you tried connecting the devices on different ports on your machine? It is just a wild guess, but it is strange that the crash is always caused if you try to access some external hardware.



the UR 22-c was connected to a completely different port to the AXR4. There are 2 AXR4 crashes where the AXR4 is connected to different ports… it makes no difference. I’ve uninstalled everything, including Cubase and reinstalled and same problem… Also the AXR4 is connected to the same TB I use for my MBP and it runs flawlessley, so the window machine and the MBP connect to all my hardware from the same port. I thought that may have been an issue so connected them directly to the windows machine and same problem.

Also they run perfectly when usng any other DAW on the same machine using the same external hardware plumbed into the same ports.

Bottom line is it’s a prblem with the Extensions and Cubase, which TBH should NEVER happen as it’ s Steinberg’s OWN product… the problem is though , Yamaha control the device drivers/extension so Steinberg programmers have to send these reports to Japan and the Yamaha team… from past experience , this is a very long winded process . It took over 2 years to sort out the original issues with the AXR4 ( if you changed the output of a track you lost the Hardware in the Cubase mixer) I sold my original unit it took so long and then bought another when they finally sorted it out… and now this…:frowning:


The Problem is that you have too many possible combinations of hard- and software under Windows. This is a Problem not Just for Steinberg, it is a Problem for all products .

I have a UR22mkII and a UR44C and both are working without any issues. So it is not a general Problem of Steinberg Software, there is a very high chance that your specific system is causing a Crash.

Is this industry standard behavior, or is Cubase outstanding in this respect?

I’m not buying that. I’ve run Steinberg Hardware and software (Nuendo/Cubase ) since the beginning . I’ve done this so there are fewer possible compatiability issues. I ran Cubase all through it’s cycle up to V11 without issues .

I’m running a top spec, well researched windows machine, a machine that ran reaper for 18 months without a single crash . I’m using Steinbergs own flagship interface, I don’t have a comples set up … Computer…AXR4… 2x midi keyboards, Eucon… that’s it…that same hardware works perfectly in Reaper or Studio One in windows.

I’m very aware windows has a lot of possible hardware combinations but as someone who’s built all his machines , for myself and others over the last 20 years, I’m well aware of what’s involved in building a solid windows DAW. So again, I don’t buy into your thoughts on why Cubase and it’s hardware is causing issues here. Again I’ll mention Reaper runs flawlessly.

I hope things can get sorted, I’m now using my mac and will probably buy a MAc Studio Ultra later in the year unless the perormane and stability issues are sorted out by then.

I have an RME RAYDAT I can use if needed if the AXR4 issues aren’ t addressed as well , so i Have options. I just feel a little agrieved having to drop €5000-7000 + on an Apple machine to run Cubase 13 reliably , when i don’t actually like MacOS that much :slight_smile:

The other option is to return to Reaper , a very solid DAW indeed but I much prefer the Cubase ecosystem. Something has definitely changed under the hood since C12 on the windows side , the performance on windows now compared to apple silicone alone is something to be concered with despite the stability issues.


What is an industry standard?

Bugs are never a standard, so this has nothing in common.

Cubase is no different to many other Software packages, that have edge requirements.

Sorry, I meant is Cubase any different from its competitors in the amount and variety of complaints of “bugs” present?