Cubase 13.0.30 Laggy GUI

I don’t know if it happens to anyone else, or wants to try it. After installing the latest update, Cubase becomes a little slow. The video I attached shows the “new” problem…

One is happy to update and that a team fixes many problems, but in the end the reality is the same as always…


Problem was reported on the forums after Cubase 13 released (basically on release day).

Lags on macOS when scrolling any area with a decent amount of graphical information, as well - like the browsers.

How does it perform when you close the Lower Zone? Better or worse?

Gets a lot worse that this when you enable multiple plugins that use opengl.

For me when i use plugins that dont have the opengl feature embedded C13 doesn’t lag. But i soon as i add multiple instances of say Current and enable opengl my meters lag hard.

Would be interesting to see if you guys experience the same?

All the best

Hi, no plugins in that session…this behavior is not on 13.0.21.

Yes, OpenGL is a common issue in DAWs. I think it has something to do with Qt, since it’s usually DAWs that use Qt that have issues - in my experience.

I have not done any AB test yet, but I got the feeling that the GUI lags more now on 13.0.30 than on 13.0.20.
It is the same projects and plugins so I do not think opengl is to blame.

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I can confirm laggy GUI even with Windows 11.
Maybe it’s because of the integrated GPU of my processor (I5 12500) but there clearly a matter with OpenGL plugins in Cubase 13.

I was almost OK with C13.0.21 (I bought brand new GPU Radeon because of problems with C13 and Nvidia), even without specific settings or antilag setting in Radeon Adrenaline sw, but all these problems are back with C13.0.30 update. It looks better when I start Cubase and all Windows are in front, but when I move to the front window of other app, my mixing console is blank after some minutes. It could be window of basic browser, like Firefox etc. I work on 3 monitors, in this case main arrangement window across 2 LCDs is fine, but the mixing console on 3rd monitor is blank. (recommended setting for Radeon done, CPU i9, Win11, 32GB RAM, 2x RME Raydat + UAD inside, no troubles with C12)

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I don’t know what’s going on out there but since I’m abroad with my old 2011 laptop Windows 10 22H2 and a GPU like: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series! everything works fine, no GUI lags as well.

I too have this jerky / slow Project Cursor issue, track meters, screen updates, etc., etc., having upgraded to Cubase 13 (latest version).

Despite replacing my ageing AMD graphics card(s) with an AMD Radeon RX 580, this screen lag / GUI disruption has actually gotten worse, much worse, to the point where C13 is almost unusable. Now, once Cubase is playing, the Transport buttons (and associated shortcuts) take seconds to work!

So, have you had any success finding a solution?


Hi @Pablin_Drummer ,
I’ve just analyized the data you submitted to our support. Thanks for sharing.
Just a quick heads up: you seem to be using ProcessLasso, and I can see a strange priority drop of the Cubase process, when moved to the background. I suspect, that ProcessLasso could be involved here. Could you try without PLasso and see if the issues persist? Support will also get back to you in this matter.

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Hi Chriss! I have tried what you have told me (I have spoken with Fabio) and I have sent a dump without process Lasso.

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Hi @Pablin_Drummer ,
thanks for the new trace - without process lasso, all thread priorities are back to what I’d expect. Are you still experiencing the UI hang? I can see a location in the trace, where I assume, the hang is happening. We are working on an analysis and when found the root cause, will make a fix.

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I’m running into what may be a related issue with the menu bar. I keep getting long/unending hangs when, .e.g., navigating to the “Project” menu to add a new track, or if I right click on the video window to change the video size. I.e. it feels like a more extreme version of this GUI issue. I may have ‘fixed’ it by closing a bunch of plugin windows. So far this only happens on a somewhat large project file. Smaller project files seem fine so far. Prior to that I tried getting rid of some plug-ins that I thought might be causing the problem, but that didn’t fix it. Anyone else seen this issue?


Yes, I still have those delays. I haven’t used process Lasso since I spoke with Fabio. When I use Groove Agent (the full version) I have very annoying random spikes. When using Lasso, there are no problems. In Lasso I’m sure that at some point I have changed priorities just to try and that’s how it stayed. but I’m glad to know that they are close to a solution

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I’m having the same problems - everything GUI is slow and jerky. In particular, if I drag tracks into different orders, or hide/show tracks it takes several seconds to respond. My controllers respond instantly, but the view on the mixer window takes 5 - 10 seconds to respond and the UI is frozen in the meantime. Just to be clear, audio playback is 100% rock solid, no problems, and none of this depends on plugins or big track counts. Even with an empty project the cursor moves (e.g. responds to mouse repositioning) slightly slowly, and stutters if I drag.
This has only cropped up recently. My system is modest (Windows 10 on i5, onboard video, but heaps of RAM and disk and network). CPU on resource monitor is under 50% for big projects and under 25% always, still with the stutters.
This is a deal breaker - I can work slowly and carefully but not quickly and usefully.

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Sounds similar to my issue on Mac. i5 processor here too. Cubase 12 fine. 13 jerky

I have occasionally got some real slow gui in mixerview. Maybe a FPS of 1/3. Usually maybe 10. But it only occurs when the mouse cursor is over the view. It looks very much like it software rendering of the mouse. I don’t even know if mac can do software rendering on modern computers that what it “feels” like.