Cubase 13.0.40 - Glitches in Arrange window

Cubase 13.0.40 (macOS) shows two bugs that I have never seen in 30 years of using Cubase.
Bug A. The “Stationary Cursor” option is enabled, Auto-Scroll is disabled, playback is stopped, and the visible cursor is somewhere further to the right in the project. If I now press the shortcut for “Go to project start” followed by F (Auto-Scroll on), the Arrange window does not scroll to the start of the project. Cubase has always done this before. Now, when I press Play, the Arrange window only jumps to the stationary cursor when it has reached the center of the window.
Bug B. The “Stationary cursor” option is activated, Auto-Scroll is activated, and playback is running somewhere further to the right in the project. Now I press Stop (space bar), F (Auto-Scroll off), Go To Project Start, F (Auto-Scroll on). Now the Arrange window shows the start of the project, but the cursor is displayed in the wrong position, namely in the middle of the window (see screenshot). Only with Play or Fast Forward does the cursor jump back to the actual position.


I’m sorry, I have hard time to understand your description.

By the “Stable Locator” and the “locator” do you mean the Cursor?

By the Autoscroll and Follow On/Off, do you mean the Auto-scroll?

Yes and yes. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I have corrected the text passages.


This works on my end. The view jumps to the Project Start and I can see the cursor.

How is your Transport > Start Mode setup, please? Could you attach a screenshot of this menu, please?

I can confirm this one.

Please do the following to reproduce bug A:
Stop playback, turn Auto-Scroll off, scroll to the project start, place the cursor on the project start.
Now scroll further to the right in the project and place the cursor somewhere there, press the shortcut for “Go To Project Start” and press F (Auto-Scroll on). The Arrange window should jump to the project start, but it does not.

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I did exactly these steps. The Project window jumps to the start.

What else can I do other than show a screen video? Take a look!


OK, now I can confirm.