Cubase 13 A lot of Temporary Visual Glitches

Okay just wondering if it’s just my system or many others are experiencing an astounding amount of visual glitches all over Cubase so I know it’ll fixed in an update.

Thanks, Nicolas.


Again, just making sure it’s not just my system…

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Yesterday, the backgrounds of all the sends in the channel edit window were all coloured orange, similar to the send level bar.

Today it is back to normal!


No greater feeling then paying $100 to be beta testers smdh…


The Release Notes (always worth a read) does state under ‘Known Issues’ some UI graphical artifacts, on Windows systems, to be resolved in the next maintenance update.
Cubase 13 Release Notes | Steinberg (scroll down a little)

Maybe (some of) the things in this thread are the kind they’re referring to (don’t know about Mac situation though).


Yeah kinda figured, but still @cali316 has a point. Paying to get Beta Glitches is not very reassuring, especially for new users.


Steinberg has such a lack of money that he launches a product with errors known to the developer himself, it was preferable to wait a few days and present Cubase 13, that is called corporate responsibility and not collateral damage

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This goes well beyond Beta testing.


I’m sorry but what you’re referring to is bankruptcy. If those visuals are consistent for a week. Cubase will be dead. If what you’re claiming about the developers is true.

I totally agree with you, @cali316 , but if you have had this experience with the previous versions, why you upgrade before all bugs fixed? Just to have a chance to express your negations? I was angry on Dorico team and made similar comments, but the best I got is a ban for a month. That’s all. If you don’t like Steinberg products, you have other choices. Otherwise you support their work. That’s all. For me this company is the best companion for my work in music industry. So sh** up and make music! :wink:

For Cubase Team (@Markus_Staudt, I don’t know whom to tag) I would say maybe there could be a better way to start spreading new versions? Let’s say Cubase 13 beta - until first or second maintenance update. Then people could make a decision - can they pay $99 and test new product or just wait. Or beta version for free with a time limit until next update for existing customers.

I wonder how these glitches mentioned in release notes appeared to be overlooked by Cubase beta testers.

BTW it repeats every year so why somebody don’t know that the best version is the last build before next version :wink:


There are workarounds to mitigate the problem, If you can’t wait


I didn’t upgrade. Spent some time with it, didn’t like it and that was that. Now patiently awaiting an update to see what (if any) graphic updates appear.

Ha all I do is music.

On Cubase Pro 12 :metal:t3::sunglasses::metal:t3:


To add to that - Cubase Pro 12 has been rock solid for me on Sonoma, couldn’t be happier. Cubase was constantly crashing for me on Ventura. I’ll def be sitting this one out but will be keeping up with the updates to see where 13 goes…

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I consider to use C12 until C13 become more stable, let’s say in the May nex year. But yesterday I did a vocal recording session for my song. Recorded 10 tracks using UR-242 and mic, then added VocalChain to all tracks each with different settings. I wonder that no glitches and issues at all. Session took some 4 hours or more. So it seems that issues may be present mostly because of other obstacles - hardware, 3rd party plugins.

mentioning “other choices”! yes, they are there. but using cubase as the main DAW every day (in my case since its creation in the 80’s) one does not “quickly” jump to other DAW’s. a deeply ingrained workflow can not be shrugged of in even a couple of weeks and re-established with another DAW. the complaint here is about the paid release of a software that is basically not ready for release.


I agree. So use the best version for your work. If it’s 12.0.70, then stay on it until 13.0.70 which probably will be the best and last before 14 :wink:

You’re not new here! (lol). I was late updating to C12, no regrets about waiting or updating. I will probably do the same with C13. Meanwhile I still have lots to learn in Dorico 5 and C12 (and that other DAW that should not be named here, but it’s not something that should be feared).

Hi All

I posted some information and a request in this thread, but wanted to link it here in case you’re not following both.



Hi Pete,
Thanks a lot for your effort. I’ll get right to the Windows Feedback Hub. :pray:t2:

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I submitted the Feedback but didn’t find the Share button that you said about. Is there a way to find it to send it to you?

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