Cubase 13 "Always On Top"

Even though I set the Instrument Rack to “Always On Top” in reverts to off all the time. A minor pain because I have to close the Instrument Rack window before quitting Cubase. Is there some new setting I’m missing?


Does Cubase quit properly? Doesn’t it crash during the quit? Is this the only setting, which is not persistent?

No, it doesn’t crash. It’s just the instrument rack is open and has to be closed before I can get the cube base quit tab. It also happens with other tabs that don’t remember their always on top settings really, it’s just an inconvenience.


I’m not sure, I understand your steps then. Sorry.

OK, the main thing is Cubase 13 doesn’t remember “Always On Top” status.

Do you mean that you can’t quit via the Hub if you have VST Instruments (F11) open? If yes, then this will be resoved with .30, which will offer a quit button available at all times in the Hub (that also closes all windows open, except those capable of showing a menu).

It definitely should and does here. Martin has a point asking if it crashes on close, but you should get a safe start dialogue even in case of a termination (not sure if a fail fast exit would produce one in all cases, though).
May I ask you to try this with fresh preferences? If you could just move C13 and previous prefs to the desktop and launch Cubase, you can then go back to your settings and if it soves the problem, analysing your ‘bad’ and ‘good’ prefs might hint at a persistence or bug or something to that effect.

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Just saw another report related to AOT with another window, looks like something is off there.

I thought it might be project dependent but it’s not.

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