Cubase 13 and Arturia Beat Step

Can someone who has the beatstep check it out?
For me, my controller (Artuira Beat Step) doesn’t work so quickly when I turn it on. It’s very slow. Actually, I don’t set the speed of the controller in Cubase, but rather in the software for the controller. In Cubase 12 it is fast, in Cubase 13 it is slow???
If I integrate the comtroller via the generic controller, the pots turn quickly as they should, but if I integrate the controller via the remote interface then the pots turn very, very slowly…mmmmmm
That wasn’t the case in Cubase 12!

Hi, I do have the same behaviour with a Keylab. More generally there is an issue with knobs set to relative modes, and here’s reported:


thx :slight_smile: