Cubase 13 and Diva vst3 blocklist

Hello. I just updated my Cubase from 12 to 13. And Diva vst3 goes to blocklist…

I was reactivated it. And it’s work, but in my plugin manager it’s red…

I reinstalled Diva and Cubase but it doesn’t help… on Windows platform all is OK but on the Mac - No.

I have MacBook pro

MacOs Big Sur 11.7

Please, help

Have you already tried the beta version available from the KVR forum? It should fix the blocklist issue.

Yes. Also tried it. Still the same.
Maybe I need to reinstall Cubase again? Or clear the preferences of Cubase? But I don’t know where…

Hm, that’s unfortunate. I don’t think reinstalling Cubase would help. Since I use Windows, I have no further information, unfortunately. I’d suggest to ask the u-he support whether this is a known issue and if they know how to fix it. They are very responsive and always try their best to help.

Yeah. Already contact them. Just think that maybe someone from Steinberg team know the reason. Because in Ableton 11 all is OK

Same issue with macOS Sonoma. If i want to reactivate Diva is shutdown Cubase (13 pro)
Hopefully with get an answer soon from Steinberg itself.
Cheers Peter