Cubase 13 Audio System Optimization Setting Windows

Hi everyone -

I was just watching the Club Cubase Youtube stream (great as always, thanks!) on C13 and noticed the optimization setting shown. I have an Intel 13900 (24 cores) and ASIO guard on but don’t see this option -

I do have C states disabled in the BIOS if that is a factor.

Screenshot attached my system -

From Video

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This does not exist in the c13 release and optimisation happens automatically.

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Thanks. So this was a feature in a beta version? Do you know if it happens automatically which option is chosen? Low latency?

It all depends on your CPU etc. There is no one answer. It’s all just taken care of in the background. No need to worry about it. :slight_smile:

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An option for optimization for low latency would feel like a miracle at this point.

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Look around 5:09

Was mentioned here. That’s why I had posted the question.

… Which I have already answered.