Cubase 13 blocklisted EastWest Play VSTi on Mac

I just installed cubase pro 13. There was some error message about the EastWest Play VST instrument at startup and the instrument is unavailable. In the plug-in manager, it appears in the Blocklist tab. When I try to reactivate it, it says “Reactivating the plug-in failed”. It works fine in cubase 12 or standalone. I have the latest version of that plug-in installed.

After closing and reopening cubase 13, there’s no longer an option to reactivate the plug-in and the comment column in the Blocklist says “Unsupported Architecture (x86_64)”. I have an apple silicon (M1 max) CPU. But like I said, it’s fine in cubase 12, so it clearly can run on my CPU.

Can you post a screenshot of that window?

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 6.54.19 PM

It’s not showing that “Unsupported Architecture” message now. This “Unknown” comment is what I saw the first time I launched cubase. The “Unsupported Architecture” message appeared after closing and relaunching it. But now I’ve tried closing and restarting cubase a few times and it still just says “Unknown”.

Unfortunately, I’m not on MacOS so I have no hints for you… I edited the title though.

Most likely these plug-ins are not native Apple Silicon plug-ins. I know for sure that Frohmager is Intel only. For the OP, you most likely have Cubase 12 running in Rosetta mode, while Cubase 13 is running in native mode.

No. Not in this case. I have frohmager or the new one at least working on Bitwig, s1 and fl on my Mac

Nevertheless is frohmager a plug-in compiled for Intel processors only. On Apple Silicon processors the Rosetta emulation needs to be used to let it work. Cubase only allows native plug-ins when running native and Rosetta emulated ones when running itself in the Rosetta emulation. So if you want to use frohmager with Cubase you need to run Cubase in Rosetta mode.

Haven’t they replaced Play with Opus? Which is to say, my EW library works OK with Opus inside Cubase 13 but I can’t say all EW libraries (or your version) work with the Opus manager so YMMV.

Can confirm that ohm frohmager + infinity both work on bitwig and s1 without need for Rosetta at all. Out of the box no issue. So not entirely sure with what you mean…


Like phase_shift said - they replaced play with opus.