[CUBASE 13] [BUG REPORT] Wrong chord voicing

Hi all,
I inserted a G7 chord into the Chord Track (no keyboard or other midi input connected) and Cubase give me this voicing:
G F B E G#

The same voicing of a G 7/b9/13

I don’t want to repress the chord track jazzy spirit, but a simple G7 is all I need :slightly_smiling_face:


I cannot replicate it here on my side. How is the Chord Track > Voicings setup in the Inspector of the Chord Track, please?

I apologize for the delay in my response.

I attach a video that shows the generation of the problem starting from an empty project and the used settings.

I hope to be useful

I can reproduce this if I disable both “4-note chords” and “4-note chords (Open Jazz);”

I am not exactly sure what these voicing options are supposed to do.
The manual on this topic is not clear to me.

@Gabriele If you leave these on you will get the G7 chord you’re looking for.