Cubase 13 BUG: VST Amp Rack Volume Out of Control

I have a CPR file made in Cubase 12 and when I open it in Cubase 12 everything is normal. When I open the same file in Cubase 13, my bass track’s volume is OBSCENE, it peaks at +11 dB!

I was able to narrow it down to the VST Bass Amp Rack insert. In version 12 it’s perfectly normal; it makes the audio peak at around 0.5 dB and I have a compressor after that to further tame it and I’m fine with that.

On version 13 it peaks at 11 dB so obviously it’s way louder and the compressor tries its best but it still overtakes the whole mix.

I have checked and all the parameters appear to be the same in both versions so I don’t understand what changed that is causing this one specific insert to blow out the volume so badly, I’m not even using any amps or cabinets!

I could try to tune down the “Master” knob until it’s about the same as before but now I can’t help but think, what else is messed up for this track? Until Steinberg addresses this and what other possible things could just randomly be different, I’m afraid to open any old files in Version 13. I’ll start new projects in it but I can’t risk a perfectly good mix going down the toilet and having to chase down what insert broke it.

If I haven’t been clear here is my issue in screenshots:

Cubase 13 - VST Amp Rack Enabled

Cubase 13 - VST Amp Rack Disabled

Cubase 12 - VST Amp Rack Enabled

Cubase 12 - VST Amp Rack Disabled

I know they’re just snapshots in time that might not have been taken at the exact same time but you can see the peaking; its all within a few seconds of each other.

These are the only 2 screens with any options enabled in either version of Cubase, the amps and cabinets are disabled (none selected):

Hi sagebrushfire,
could you please attach your project file to this thread to make it reproducible for us?


It won’t let me upload the project file because it’s 12 MB and the limit is 4 MB. I’ll have to try and rip out everything except the bass track and confirm I still get the bug and then upload that. Please hold.

Hi sagebrushfire,

I found a bug in VST Amp Rack/VST Bass Amp when you choose ‘No Speaker’ type. In your screen shots I can see, that you did so. It is very likely, that this is the cause of your problem. No need to upload anything, I would say.
I’ll take care of it.


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