Cubase 13 Can't see midi channel in new [channel section]

I’ve just realised after stuffing up a number of in/out routings that the midi tracks do not show in the new channel section on the left of 13. >

If it behaved the same as a chord track or tempo track where it shows no information >

that would be a lot clearer. But currently there is no indication which had led to a number of mistaken routings.

It’s showing up for me. Try right+clicking in the Channel area and setting up the sections.

I have the channel section like your that displays everything except when I click on the midi. Then it displays whatever the channel clicked before that wasn’t midi.
Looks like I’ve found another bug.

Tried every possible way with no luck.

No matter what It won’t show the midi in the new channel section

OK for anyone interested here is the answer I discovered messing around.
You can see the midi channel in the new channel section as long as its output isn’t routed to another channel. In this case I had it routed to audio. The same applies to instruments as well. If it’s output is routed anywhere it will show the channel it its routed to. Not its own.
To replicate:

  1. Route the midi out to audio or instrument.
  2. Click off the midi channel.
  3. Click the midi channel to select it again.
    Solution: Now you will only the the info the the channel it’s routed to

Can we confirm this?

If so I’ll mark this solved for anyone that needs it in the future