Cubase 13 , CC121 Controller and Yamaha Genos 2


Does anyone know whether the new Steinberg driver for Genos 2 will work for the CC121 Controller in Cubase 13.
It appears that the CC121 controller uses the Yamaha 3.41 Driver still.
I put this on here because emailing support you never get a reply.

All the best

Can anyone help here .
I do not understand that the new Genos 2 has the latest Steinberg driver and my CC121 still has the old Yamaha 3.14 driver.
Is there anyone on the Steinberg board on this forum as this does not make sense?
I am picking up a Genos 2 tomorrow and i do hope the CC 121 will still work on the old Yamaha driver.

I suppose it will but it is funny that Genos has a steinberg driver and Steinberg piece of hardware has an old Yamaha driver.

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