Cubase 13 changed a lot

Seems like I can’t use Cubase 13. I’ve been using Cubase since version 5 and now it’s pretty much impossible. I’ll rather stick with version 12.

First. You must see if you move a note up or down. It should be shown in the left virtual piano. This is very important because not all of us are musicians, artists or… anybody. A bit empathy here please.

Second. How do you add Guitar Rig 6 or any effect plug to Midi File? Couldn’t do that.

That’s why I’ll stick to version 12.

If you know some answers for these problems of mine please say it.

Guitar Rig is a VSTfx plugin and requires a Channel that carries audio. For example an Audio Track or an Instrument Track with a VST Instrument loaded. So technically, you can’t apply Guitar Rig to a MIDI File because a MIDI File does not contain any audio.

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I did it just a moment ago with version 12.

Actually I’ve done it a long time.

Your screenshot show an Instrument Track with the VST instrument “UADx PolyMAX Synth”. Instrument Tracks has an Audio Channel built in and it is on this audio channel that you placed Guitar Rig as an insert plugin.
If you create an Instrument Track in Cubase 13, are you not able to add Guitar Rig in one of the Insert slots?

That’s right.

Choises in the left are very minimal. Thanks for your caring really. Any advice for seeing notes in the left virtiual piano when moving notes up or down? Very important to me as well. Bugs??

Click this “e” button.
From there you can add your Insert Plugins.

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If you right click in the area of the inspector, you’ll get all the available choices. Based on what you want, you have to check the “Inserts” option.

I see this working as expected here (13.0.30).


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WOW! Nice move. Thanks!

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You seem to know something about Cubase so how about seeing notes in the left virtual piano while moving midi notes? Anyway you did great with that plug-in thing :smiley:

Just look for the black keys, C is to the left of the chopsticks, and F is to the left of the fork. You’ll have it down in a week.


Nice Tip, Thanks!

Yes, it shows when selected. You don’t see it moving like in all previous versions of Cubase. So you have to move selected note in the darkness and check afterwards where it is. Clumsy way to do it.