Cubase 13 changes the audio event layers of a Cubase 12 project

I’ve opened a Cubase 12 project in Cubase 13 and some of the audio event layers are arranged differently.

Example -

Cubase 12 - 3rd layer is at the front

Cubase 13 - 2nd layer is at the front


How does it look like, if you expand the lanes, please?

There is only one lane being used. These tracks contain audio loops that I’ve stacked over each other.

I’ve attached more pics with the lanes open, so you can see.

Cubase 12

Cubase 13

Cubase 12

Cubase 13


I have just tried to reproduce it here on my side. I created a project in Cubase 12 with multiple Audio Events in one track. The events are layered on top of each other in a single Lane. I put the middle lane (from the list) to top. I saved the project and opened in Cubase 13.

The same lane is on top.

Hi Martin,

Could you please try an additional step -

What I have realized from my pictured examples, is that it’s the muted events are getting replaced by a different layer in C13.

So could you layer a few different audio events on the one lane and just mute the occasional part. I feel it’s muted parts that are getting rearranged .



On the Audio tracks, the layers, which are not on top, become muted manually. Only the most top layer is playing back.

Hi Martin,

I am able to recreate this issue over and over. What is happening is, if a top layer contains a muted event in C12 it will be replaced by the layer below in C13.

Would you like me to prepare a video recreating this issue?

Here is a picture of me recreating this issue. Hope it is clear.

Cubase 12 project -


Opened in Cubase 13-

This is the exact same project being opened in C12 and C13.


Could you please share the testing project? I would like to open it in Cubase 12 and Cubase 13 on my side.

Thank you

Hi Martin,

Hope this works.

TEST (1.6 MB)

C13 seems to always replace muted events with the layer below.


I’m sorry, on my side, it sounds and looks exactly the same in both Cubase 12 and Cubase 13. I cannot reproduce the behaviour on your side.