Cubase 13 Chord track - bug?

When I enter chord events they go over several bars, and can not be shortened / lenghtened as in Pro 12? So they overlap, see attached shot. Some new setting I’ve missed?


Lower the height of the Chord Track, please.

Hi lowered, see attached - makes no difference? Still can’t size the Chord events.


Zoom In Horizontally, please.

Really, this is just the Marker, where does the Chord start, not how long does it take. Dependeing on the Chord name length, the object is long to display the whole text. Same as it was in previous Cubase versions.

Like Martin says, these are only showing when the Chord occurs but does not indicate anything about how long it plays. Basically a Chord is in effect until the next Chord Event. If you want a Chord to stop at a certain point Insert an X Chord Event (I think there might be a Preference for how an X Chord behaves). The horizontal size of the Chord Event is determined by how much text needs to be displayed - you can’t actually size the Chord Events.

Thanks guys !