Cubase 13 Chord track - editing voicings of a chord and insert in chord track

Cubase 13: Editing chord pads in the upper window works fine; here an example: I change the chord type dmin to dmin7 with bass note C and then I insert the edited pad into the chord track. It works right: : Playing the chord track I can here the edited chord dmin7/C.
But when i want to insert a pad with edited voicing (arrow in the toolbar of the upper window) in the chord track I can hear the change - clicking on the edited pad in the upper field - but when I insert the pad in the chord track and play the chord track I hear the origin and not the edited voicing. Is there a possibility to insert the edited voicing in the chord track?


Most probably, the Voicing of the Chord Track is set to Piano. Please, change to the Basic and also disable the Adaptive Voicing to avoid automatic voicing change based on the previous Chord.

thank you for your fast reply
I have disabled adaptive voicing in the chord track and selected “basic” (= German “einfach”), but the chord remains unchanged in the ground position when played. Only when I drag the edited chord pad (from below) into a connected midi track does the voicing change as desired (but not in the chord track). Is this a bug or does it really not work as desired?

@flodur52 fyi The Chord track chords are simply called Chords, to differentiate them from Chord Pads.

I’m not sure it works that way.

@flodur52 correctly states: Drag a Chord Pad to a midi track, the voicing is copied. Drag a Chord Pad to the chord track and the voicing is not copied.

Here, the Chord Track voicing setting has no effect at all on chord pads dragged to the chord track.

I came across this thread while searching the forum after unsuccessfully trying to drag Chord Pads with revised voicing to the Chord Track - as noted above the chord will go, but not the revised voicing. My forum searches turned up a request for this in 2013!

Current options to use the Chord Pads include:

  1. Drag the re-voiced Chord Pads into an instrument track. The voicing of the chord will remain intact but the midi is always 1 bar long, so every chord would have to be edited for length. There’s no option to change that default length.
  2. Drag the re-voiced chords into the Chord Track, and manually edit the voicing for every chord from the pull-down voicing menu (top left of screen).

Is there a reason the re-voiced Chord Pads can’t be dragged directly to the Chord Track and retain their voicing? Is this broken or does it need a “feature request”?


Yeah, this is a limitation that I’ve wished Steinberg would address. Since the chord track rewrites the chord pad voicings… all the cool “follow chord track” possiblities are frustratingly hamstrung. I can’t maintain specific chord voicings in one place in my project. The chord track is a scratchpad at best that reminds me of my harmony.

IMO the options for customizing voicings are confounding at best and obstacles at worst. I love Steinberg and Cubase is a wonder of programming. BUT, as a composer I HAVE to be able to write with specific voicings (compound chords, doublings, etc.). The chord voicings feature (for customizing voicings in the chord track) is too generic for real composing. Of course, I can just write any voicing I want in MIDI, but then why have a chord track at all (isn’t it advertised to make our lives easier?)?

So, what’s an elegant solution (that doesn’t require coding a full-on voicing feature where anything is possible)? Steinberg, please simply allow us to drag chord pads to the chord track and maintain our voicings… it would really, really be a big help to composers and producers, I think!