Cubase 13 - content set info/descriptions?

I don’t have a lot of space on my SSD, so I was wondering if there’s a place where I can read about the optional content sets included with Cubase 13 Pro? How many samples / midi files are there, what type (genre of music), etc.

I’ve only found this, but basically the same I can find out from Download Assistant:

Cubase Pro 13 Downloads | Steinberg

Any ideas?


I’ve been searching for an answer to this question - not even Steinberg is giving anything away.
Delicatessen? 580 megabytes.
Midnight Dance? 1.18 gigabytes.
Analog Techno? 868 megabytes.
Blockbuster? 1.58 gigabytes.
Etc, etc, etc.
WTF are they?


What’s that I hear?


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Why not asking MediaBay:

Or look in the Media Rack:

Even Google knows some of those:

The original question was asked so that the libraries didn’t have to be downloaded (because of lack of storage space), so the first 2 options are only available after they’ve been downloaded.
The third option only lists the new libraries that come with C13. There’s still no info on the rest.
I’ve searched google, and Steinberg’s site, to no avail.

From Steinberg:

Hard Knocks
Grammy-winner Beat Butcha has produced a sizzling pack of hip hop heat.

Still don’t know what that is.


Now I see, sorry! You want to pre-view / pre-listen before you buy … reasonable!


How do we know which CONTENT SETS we actually can use after Download (other than the ones listed as included with Cubase 13 Pro)? There are several listed in the Cubase 13 pro install section in the Download Assistant (indicating they are included with C13 - why else be in that section?) that are not on the Steinberg “included with C13” list, such as Analogue Wonder, Vintage Verb Collection, Sequel Midi Loops and Delicatessen. Will I be able to use these?
Also, some that are supposed to be included per the C13 website are not in the Download Assistant’s C13 section download list, such as Allen Morgan Signature Drums, Production Grooves, and Production Presets.

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I’m downloading them now. Will report back with what they are.

More CubasePro obscurities and shenanigans.

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Where did you land?

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Yeah it’s weird there’s no description of this libraries anywhere

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Now this is a new level of informative description XD


I 2nd the comments here, absolutely no idea of customer service or user experience. Which packs are included with the purchase, what are they? where are the demos? No search functions or filters in download assistant.

This is all we need to know… WHAT CONTENT IS THIS AND IS IT ALL INCLUDED? I even got lost by the many none available GROOVE AGENT SAMPLES. WHY RIP US OFF FROM THE START???
So far as expected, most if not ALL SAMPLES I try in Cubase are utterly 80s low-fi rubbish! These are supposwed to be the elite of today ffs!!!
SO now I still have a crappy Sequencer without decent tones. Cheers eh! Oh and why the daft doubled TRANSPORT WINDOW? Why you made the one in the main Window not just float instead??? WHY it has no Double-Click to send it back to the start and no obvious way to even select where to play from???
Serious, this DAW is crap compared to SSL SOUNDSCAPE EDITOR!!!

What’s more, in addition to what genre they’re for and what grammy winning person crafted them, WHAT STIENBERG APP ARE THEY INTENDED FOR? I hate it when I download a bunch of content (especially gigabytes of samples) for a tool I don’t use (even if I have it as part of the PRO package).

This is pretty simple product marketing and support, user education and experience, folks.


Perhaps this should be made an official Feature Request?

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Would be helpful.

So, I’m in the middle of a move… I did download the samples for kaleidoscope.
It isn’t anything I would use. Basically phaser-style 80’s rack.
I didn’t try them all - just the top 10-15

I own a massive library from NI already and the samples from Native are way better.
So if you own Komplete Suite just stay put. I just upgraded to the one above Komplete Suite so given all of the extras - I didn’t personally find any use for this library.
Matter of fact, of all the extras that cubase pro had to offer, very few have made the list.


This has been a point of contention for me since becoming a loyal CubasePro user.

So, basically when you click on the cubase pro 13 icon, there’s a full column of content.
They do a terrible job partitioning off content that isn’t free - because if you click on an icon it’s all downloadable…
Why they allow this is pretty ignorant.

I’ve downloaded products that didn’t come with cubase - mainly because they add in lite versions of some products.

I also noticed that when there’s an update, the products you own will not show a check mark :white_check_mark:
Those are downloadable.

Also, there’s not a clear update prompt. I have to click on “about” look at the version I’m running and see if theirs an update to know for sure.

Fractal Audio does a fantastic job with their product. You log in and it stops you and says update available
Boom, one click later and you’re in business.

I don’t understand why Steinberg has such a convoluted process.
They must be connected with Waves lol
I hate the way their products are setup.


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We all agree it’s very poor product delivery / management by Steinberg and frustratingly at odds with the quality of the DAW itself.

To summarise, it seems that

  • it’s impossible to be sure exactly which add-ons are included free of charge when purchasing Cubase Pro

  • It’s possible (and too easy) to download items which turn out to be unusable without purchasing an additional product

  • And what’s worse is that many people consider the downloadable samples (whether free or paid for) to be inferior to products from other sources, such as Native Instruments

We all want a clear, concise and complete description from Steinberg of what is what. How can they get it so wrong?

I don’t suppose anyone here has proposed it as a requested feature? (I haven’t, he said guiltily!)


Just wasted my time trying to find out what the Analogue Wonder set actually contains on Google.
This is beyond comprehension, surely this sort of information should available in the download manager so you have some idea of what you are installing.
Content Set is just not enough information and installing Content Sets that never get used just overcrowds media bay.