Cubase 13 cost

Upgrading from Cubase Pro 12 costs about 100 euros.

Updating from Cubase 4 costs 200 euros.

I think that the users who pay every year for updates are not taken into account.

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Native Instruments did the same… I stopped upgrading.

And Toontrack completely removed the option to upgrade from SD2 to SD3. I guess they could go that route too.

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ftr, a $200 update from Cubase 4-C11 pro > C13 pro
and the $100 for C12 pro > C13 pro.
It isn’t an annual upgrade but usually 2 years between versions… but
there are (were?) also the .5 “updates”.

I paid for this “12.5” version but I doubt I will update my Nuendo licence for 190 euros since its quite obvious Steinberg didn’t polished this release.
They had quite a lot of additional development time so its strange they released Cubase with so many bugs and half finished features.
Somebody please explain to me what is slider below “Divide Track List” for? Is this supposed to work like that?

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What do think it most fair? Discount for people buy all updates or people that jump over some versions? For cubase I do go for all versions. But for things like NI Komplete I jump maybe 2-4 versions.

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I think that 50 euros from one version to another would be fairer and of course not charging for intermediate updates.

I have been paying from Cuba 6 almost 150 euros a year for updates that most of the time take time to be stable.

It would be nice to give a wink or gift to loyal users.


With that looks I am sticking with 12 for now. Maybe 14 will be a bit more attractive…

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I agree, but we did get vouchers for free plugins from different manufacturers. Arturia cs-80 was one . Worth over £100 there was some others too, but this is the only one I still use. Hopefully they will do it again.

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That is always welcome but some advantage when you have a lot of updates in the price would be good. Every 5 updates, at least one free


I suppose from the other extreme as someone who will be updating from Cubase 4, I was blown away that this was even an option!

Yeah, it’s really strange, I probably won’t upgrade.

On the other hand, when you do upgrade, you are paying for the new features. Can’t imagine what Cubase 4 is like, but staying on an old version and jumping upgrades to say a few dollars does not sound like a great strategy or conducive to maximising the creative process.

I think if you want better value then don’t upgrade every year and wait.

Software houses charge whatever the market will bear. I don’t think £85 is too onerous for a £500 piece of software.
I also use VEGAS. Past few years the yearly upgrade has been around the £70 mark (which I consider pushing it a bit). This year it’s £149, for software that has a price of £199 for a new licence. That’s what I call a rip-off.
Yer pays yer money, yer makes yer choice.


Why are you comparing promotional pricing to MSRP???

Curious: what’s the lowest price (in USD) we can expect for the update — given the upcoming Black Friday $ales $eason and Christma$ holiday$? Or does it always stay the same without a sale price?

Either way, I’m waiting for the first update before I update, just in case…

I don’t think the 99.99 update 12-13 is expensive.
You get five new plug ins, Iconica Sketch Library, sample track new functions and lot of workflow improvements plus 20+ features.
Besides rock solid for me.
And If you wait until spring or so ,it usually have a discount.


We care about features and bug fixes not plugins.

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Nevertheless I think it’s a fair price and I do care about plugins.

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I’m not suggesting it’s an unfair price. I just don’t wanna see it on sale at BestService in 3 weeks for $75. Knowmsayin?