Cubase 13 crashes - midi remote?

hi all,

well, great. again the Steinberg team relises a new Cubase version
and we all have to be the beta testers. I’,m having a rapid crash god knows why…I’m sending here the crash dmp - would love to have some help if someone can tell me why on earth it happens?..again…
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.7 (2.4 MB)


When did you get the crash, pelase? What did you do before the crash, please? Can you reproduce the crash? Does it always happens with the given steps?

Do you use any MIDI Remote device, please? Which one? Do you use a factory script or a custom script? Is it a real *.js file, or did you make it in the MIDI Remote Assistant?

Hello Martin,

i go the crash when tweaking steinbergs vintage compressor on a real piano wav after actually using the piano track preset of steinberg.
no, crashes happen suddenly on many occasions now. nothing special that I do.
as for midi remotes - mk88, mk32, monogram creative, stream deck, machine mk3. all workes great on c12.
thank you for help sending here one more dmp file
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.5 (3.4 MB)


Thank you for the details. The 2nd crash is the very same, as the 1st one. Therefore…

Which one do you use with the MIDI Remote script, please? Do you use a factory script or a custom script? Is it a real *.js file, or did you make it in the MIDI Remote Assistant?

It’s all factory script. didn’t make a script myself.


I don’t know exactly, what mk88 or mk32 is… There is definitely no MIDI Remote for monogram creative, stream deck, or machine mk3.

Could you please have a look at the MIDI Remote Cubase section?

Thank you Martin.
The mk88, 32 are the native instruments keyboards/controllers. I will look at the midi remote section and send a pic. Do you think the crashes is becouse of that? Something I can do?
In cb12 all was good, same config excatly.


The crases are in the MIDI Remote area, therefore I’m asking for more details.

hi Martin.
sending you here the midi remote section

thank you


Did you make these MIDI Remote scripts by yourself, please?

I actually think that the Native Midi remote I did myself. just deleted it a few sec ago. do you think that is the crashes reason?


Yes, it might be. As I mentioned:

thank you. trying to remove it and see if something changes today.
thank you!

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after removing script the CB 13 is more stable but still crashes. now it was after using izotope vocal nectar pro last version.
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.11.16 (3.7 MB)


This crash is clearly in iZotope Nectar:


Hi Martin,

can you please help me with this crash log I’m sending here? again a crash and I don’t understand. It happened on an almost empty project.
there was only Pianoteq vst and vocal.
thank you
Cubase 13.0.10 64bit2023.12.4 (2.2 MB)


This crash is in the MIDI Remote area. Which MIDI Remote devices do you use, please? Did you make own MIDI Remote by using the MIDI Remote assistant, or did you write ouwn script? Or do you use any other-user’s script? Or do you use any Cubase built-in script, please?

Thank you


I’m using the sideshow remote for the streamdeck. didn’t do it myself.

Any ideas?


I shared the information with Steinberg’s developers. Unfortunately, I have no steps for you, how could you fix it on your side, sorry.