Cubase 13 crashes on first attempt to open

Everyday. It takes two attempts to open cubase. The 1st always crashes but the second always seems to work. I’m on a mac running Monterey.

Am I the only one?


Could you attach the *.ips file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

What exactly is the “first” attemp? What do you have to do to ensure the other one will be the “first”? Do you have to restart computer, put it to the sleep mode, something else?

Just as simple as clicking on the cubase icon. I dont restart or anything else just click again and it all seems to work. Had to reinstall library manager today and, maybe coincidence, opened on first attempt after that.


If I understand you, Cubase starts for the 2nd time. What happens, if you quit Cubase and start it again (for the 3rd time), please?

Could you attach the *.ips file(s)? That helps a lot to investigate, where is Cubase crashing.

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Cubase 13-2023-12-02-100234.ips (96.9 KB)


The crash is on Apple side in the network area:

Thread 37 Crashed::  Dispatch queue:
0   libobjc.A.dylib               	    0x7ff802749e2f objc_release + 31
1   CoreFoundation                	    0x7ff802940fb4 -[__NSSingleObjectArrayI dealloc] + 53
2   CoreFoundation                	    0x7ff80291874d __CFBasicHashDrain + 348
3   CoreFoundation                	    0x7ff802a48046 _CFRelease + 244
4   CFNetwork                     	    0x7ff8073694bc 0x7ff80735b000 + 58556
5   CoreFoundation                	    0x7ff802a48046 _CFRelease + 244
6   CFNetwork                     	    0x7ff80736531a 0x7ff80735b000 + 41754
7   CoreFoundation                	    0x7ff802a48046 _CFRelease + 244
8   CFNetwork                     	    0x7ff807369147 0x7ff80735b000 + 57671
9   libobjc.A.dylib               	    0x7ff802751746 object_cxxDestructFromClass(objc_object*, objc_class*) + 83

Cubase (or any plug-in) is not in the crash thread mentioned at all.

I can see 2 reasons:

  1. Cubase starts. The Steinberg Hub appears. The left part of the Hub tries to connect to the internet to show the news. The network connection failed, Cubase crashes.

  2. Do you use a Dropbox or any other similar service? Does Cubase communicate with this service (some sounds/loops/presets are stored on the cloud; projects are stored on the cloud)?

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Thank you for this. No cloud accounts other than iCloud. Is that it do you think?