Cubase 13 crashing when I use the Antares Mic Mod plugin

Cubase 13 crashes when I use the Antares Mic Mod plugin. When I select the Shure Beta 58 microphone option, it crashes and this error message appears.

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I had a number of issues, also in Cubase 12, with Antares Mic Mod EFX x64, with it creating freezedumps on closing projects. This was with V2.0.3.0 of Mic Mod, which turned out to be a very old version, yet there was no update visible to me on the Antares website.

Once I moved to Cubase Pro 13, I think I may have had the same error message you had at one point, but I’m not positive whether that related to Mic Mod, though Mic Mod had several instances in the project, and it was likely on a track I was working on at the time (using one of the Synchro Arts ARA extensions – either RePitch or VocAlign, but I don’t recall which at this point).

I ended up contacting Antares support, not so much about the freezedump issue per se, but to see about an update to the latest version as their new way of updating (Auto-Tune Central) wasn’t recognizing my having the permanent Mic Mod license, though their website showed I did. The addressed that issue, so I could update the version of Mic Mod (to 4.3.0), and I haven’t seen the freezedump issue since. I did have one other problem on startup on the second or third day I used it, but I googled the issue, and used the procedure I found (basically uninstalling the plugin, cleaning up some files if needed, rebooting, then reinstalling it) and have not had further issues.

If you’re running an older version of Mic Mod, it may be worth updating to see if that helps. (I don’t think I’ve tried using the SM58 model. My source mic is a CAD Equitek E200, and I’ve played with lots of other target mics, mostly Neumann and AKG models, in the course of seeing what best fits my voice in the context of my project.)

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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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And truth. I’m having these issues now and I hope they get resolved. I’ve had issues with Antares plugins in the past and now again. Thank you for your position and comment.

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Thanks Martin!

I’m having a very similar issue. Davinci Resolve is crashing when using the plugin. Adobe Audition sees the plugin but the audio is not routed through the plugin and it can’t process the audio.

Any progress in getting this fixed or is there any online or alternative I could use on a short wav file, just to get my project finished?

As I mentioned in my response above, the latest update to Mic Modeler resolved this issue for me in Cubase.

A few thoughts on the other programs you’re having an issue with if an update to the plugin didn’t help: At least historically, Mic Modeler has been a mono plugin. I haven’t checked this with the latest update (because it’s really not applicable for me since vocals are inherently mono and that’s what I use MM for), but, if it is still meant as a mono plugin, are you using it with mono tracks in those other programs?

Beyond that, another plugin I’m aware of that does similar things, albeit with a different, and smaller, set of source and target mics is IK Multimedia’s T-RackS Mic Room. It does include several common mics, but my main reason for using Mic Modeler historically was because the specific mic I’ve got for vocals isn’t a very good match for my voice, so I’d use that specific model (not a common one) as the source and try different targets in the context of a recording.

Cubase and Antares aren’t playing so nicely after the update sadly :frowning:

Is that a recent update? I had a very old version of mic modeller and it was happening on that and then I removed that completely and installed the Antares download suite and installed the online version last week and it was the same. I haven’t even had a response from Antares after I contacted support.

I’m not sure how recent – I installed it (V4.3.0) in early November, so if you installed a version last week, it should be the same or newer. My old version was pretty ancient. I think it took a few days for Antares tech support to get back to me, and, interestingly, they replied on a weekend.

The most up to date version of the Mic mod that I currently have up and running in C13 is > 4.4.1

Hmm, Auto-Tune Central only shows 4.3.0 as the version on my system, and it doesn’t show that there are any updates. I just tried now, and it even installed a new version of Auto-Tune Central before loading. Is the 4.4.1 on a Mac perhaps? (I’m on Windows 10.)

That is probably it. Can’t speak for windows as I’m on Mac. I only really started using it again due to this thread. It’s basically the original Universal Sphere. Antares chucks so many plugins at you it’s hard to keep track. I really wish they would update harmony engine. That’s the true star for me.