Cubase 13 - Damaged Iconica Sketch

When I am installing new vstsounds I come across this problem:

Tried redownloading the iso file but the same. SLM is the latest version.
Anyone has the same issue?


Can you verify the size of the downloaded file and the expected size, please?

The downloaded ISO is 4,663,261,184 bytes.
SHA-1: 1DFD623FD3D2695ACC4C4445EE3845A1540D14E5
CRC64: 47ADF073E24076BB
I have downloaded a couple of times and they are the same.

I have the same problem. I have already loaded several iso files. Always the same result.

I had same problem use the download assistant the file it downloads is larger and works

confirmed here

I’ve the same issue, after trying to download with SDA (Steinberg Download assistant) or try with 3 computers and my phone. The file cannot be installed because it appears like damaged.
Any help?:pray:t5:


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

I have the same issue, have downloaded about four times. Tried using download assistant but it is not moving beyond 4.65Gb/4.66Gb for over 15 minutes now

Sorry for the broken vstsound file! The ISO image has been replaced.

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I have the same issue, have downloaded a number of times. Tried using download assistant too but it is not moving beyond 4.65Gb/4.66Gb since an hour … what should be done ?

Hi, welcome to the forums.

Please note that the Steinberg Download Assistant is downloading the vstsound files from a different source. The Iconica Sketch ISO (containing the same vstsounds) available on the Cubase download pages is a separate file.

Both downloads are working. If you cannot download neither from the website nor via the SDA, I assume it’s a local issue.

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