Cubase 13 Display Of Automation Lanes / Truncating names of paramters

Overall Cubase 13 going in good direction in terms of visibility and overall GUI experience for me.

Seems no one noticed but automation lane display and parameters now looks better and its easier on eyes, but readability is worse cause C13 doesn’t truncate parameter names. On some plugins no matter which parameter is displayed it looks the same, especially if 3rd party vendors are included with dynamics parameters names and so on. Even 12 wasn’t perfect. Let me explain further:

Case 1 Frequency EQ

  1. Load Steinberg’s Frequency EQ and automate Output parameter far right bellow peak meter.
    Display Results:
    Its unclear on C13 what parameter is.

Case 2 - Halion Sonic SE (Probably Halion 7)

  1. Load Halion Sonic SE as instrument track
  2. Name 2 parameteres as “Low Pass Filter” and “High Pass Filter” in QC
  3. Right click on each named parameter and select [Show…automation track] or just simply write automation with those 2.

Display Results:

So as you can see non of them display it right but at least in C12 you can see that at least is Filter, where on C13 you have no clue what parameter is unless you hover mouse over it.

Case 3 3rd party plugins (Melda plugins and many others) more frustrated readability:

Lot of vendors has groups so for example Frequency parameter often is in Filter group so parameter displays as: Plugin name / Parameter (Group name) or in practice >>
VSTFilter / Frequnecy (Filter)
VSTFilter / Q (Filter)
VSTFilter / Slope (Filter)

Cubase12 truncate name from begin of parameter name:
Ins.:1:VSTFilte...ilter) where Frequnecy (Filter) being truncated.
Btw the same thing can be visible from Case2 (Halion Sonic Se)
making unclear what parameter is.

Here is display of Melda’s Noise generator (free)
At least C12 displays group name “Filter” where C13 displays full plugin name. But on both parameter name is unknown.

Lot of plugins has ability to rename macros/multiple parameters(khm Halion Sonic Se) and on lot of them display is the same I described above.

Also why the “value area” in C13 is much unnecessary bigger taking space from parameter name?

How Others solve this? Reaper for Ex:

Is there something that can be done? @Armand anyone?


These are known and already reported issue. Thank you.

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Thanks Martin for confirmation.

Although I think C12 isn’t the best approach for displaying parameters. Hopefully steinberg will take route as other DAWs out there and make parameters displayed and readable properly.