Cubase 13 - Double Clicking in Visibility (Key Editor) Selects Multiple tracks instead of just one

In the Key Editor, I double click on the track name at the right side of the Visibility Column to select an instrument for editing. This should deselect all other instruments and select only the one I’ve double clicked.

But this behavior is sporadic. Sometimes other instruments will be selected as well as the intended instrument. Almost always these other instruments reside in a different folder than intended one. Sometimes it correctly just launces my selection.

A picture is worth a thousand words, soooo… in this .png you can see I’ve double-clicked on the Horn 01 part (red circle). But doing this has also selected the timpani (purple circle) in the percussion folder, bringing up both for editing.

But I want only the Horn 01 to display.

However, if I click where the green circle is (the left side, checkbox column of the visibility track), Cubase will add that track for editing (and no extra tracks get selected), but this has the disadvantage that it only adds to your track selection. It doesn’t switch your track to your selection. This, I think, is the correct behavior for the checkbox column.

Makes sense
I’m stumped. Seems like a bug, maybe?
Thanks in advance,

Just a far shot: could there be anything I’ve got set with MIDI channels and expression maps that might lead to this. I’ve got lots of stuff going on with Expression Maps and midi channel routing within them. So if this Visibility editor relies on MIDI channel info to select, that might be an issue.