Cubase 13 Elements - Can't see menu bars

Hi there. I’ve just upgraded from Elements 9.5 to 13 and now the menu bars are not visible. Could it be something related to the graphic card? My graphic card is an AMD Radeon R5 Graphics.


Which Windows version do you use?

Yes, most probably it’s related to the graphic card, it’s driver or setup. Please, make sure, you have the latest graphic card driver installed.

I’m using Windows 10 version 22H2.
It looks like I already have the latest graphic card driver.
What should I check on setup?

Seeing your screeenshot, I suspect that you are not using Windows at a 100% display size (there are too less things in it, though being at 1920 x 1080). :thinking:

So, just a shot in the dark : could you try to set everything at 100 % in both Windows and Cubase (Preferences > General > HiDPI Settings frame) ?

Well, I tried to follow your tip and set Windows on 100%, but I couldn’t do the same on Cubase, as I can’t see the menus…

Any key command set for it (I know, sadly, there is none by default, and the usual Windows shortcuts Alt + (letter) don’t work with Cubase…) ?

EDIT - Additionaly, try to open any menu (as you did for your screenshot) and use the arrow left/right keys to browse them. The Preferences are available as the last option of the second one, counting from the left.

Thanks, I managed to get there and gave it a try, but it didn’t fix the problem.