Cubase 13 'Export Audio Mixdown' window bug

Getting a strange issue with the Export Audio Mixdown window in Cubase 13 - if I click anywhere on the window that is not a dialogue box / button / etc, the window then becomes inactive and the mouse will click behind the window instead of on it.

The only way to make the window active again is to close and reload the project, but the issue persists.

Is anybody else having this?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

I cannot reproduce it here on my side (Mac).

Hi, thanks for your reply, Mac M2 Pro

It’s an odd issue and is not always happening. I think it may be because I’m finishing off Cubase 9 projects on Cubase 13 (I just had to have a major upgrade mid-project). Maybe this is causing issues!


I wouldn’t expect that Cubase 9 projects would affect the Export Audio Mixdown window behaviour.

I also get this bug.

Once in a while audio Export window would become “transparent” to the mouse.

Mac Pro 2019 Intel, Mac OS Ventura
Cubase 13.0.30

I’ve had something similar to this before.

All in all I find strange behaviours of administration/technical related tasks - like to do with windows, text boxes, key command searches, etc.

After updating to a newer version of Cubase 13 the issue is still here for me too.
I could be wrong but I think it could be linked to another issue which occurs with the mute and solo buttons.

This is on a different thread but the mute and solo buttons are still broken and often do random things when muting, and when soloing they wrongly activate Solo Defeat mode (orange D instead of red S)

Anyway I have found that if there is a track in the project with Solo Defeat active, the Mixdown window does this issue of becoming ‘invisible’.

So if you do Option+Click on the solo defeat tracks then you can deactivate that and it might work again.

Again this might be a separate cause for you but I’ve found that this causes it for me.

Another issue with the Mixdown process is if I click between windows whilst the track is exporting, it crashes the export and then often crashes Cubase, but again that’s probably an issue for a different thread