Cubase 13 File Browser Bug

The file browser in the right section no longer shows files in folders, it just stopped showing audio files, just empty folders, there were no system updates before the problem occurred

Cubase 13.0.20 , Mac M1 Ventura 13.6.3


I have had a number of weird issues and crashes with Cubase 13 (same Mac spec & OS as you) and Steinberg Tech Support gave me a few things to try. The key one that seems to have fixed everything (for now) was removing and re-generating the prefs files.

In my case I still had some corrupted legacy preference files from my install of Cubase 12 that were being read by Cubase 13. Just be careful to not delete the old files, just re-name them (as per Steinberg’s instructions) so that you can copy over your customised settings (such as Key Commands, Macros, Control Room Settings, Audio Connections etc.) later.

Here are the instructions they sent me, it might be worth a try:

You should reset your program preferences by generating a new preferences folder.
In order to do so you must rename the folder mentioned below. Note that since Mac OS X 10.7.x the user library is hidden. To access it, please click on the “Go” menu in the menu bar of the Finder. When the “Go” drop down menu appears, you need to press and hold the key “alt” on your keyboard which adds the “Library” entry to the menu.

Now please rename

“/Users//Library/Preferences/Cubase 13”
“/Users//Library/Preferences/x_Cubase 13”

Important: If you find folders of previous program versions, make sure to hide or remove them too.

Preferences that have taken a lot of time to configure - the key commands for instance - can be copied from the inactive folder to the newly created active preferences folder at a later point.

More details on the preferences can be found here:

I hope this helps.

thanks for the answer, but it didn’t worked, reinstalation did,t helped too