Cubase 13 Font rendering bug on Mac

Hi, I’m experiencing weird graphic glitch with font rendering on Cubase 13.0.20 (and it also appeared in previous Cubase 13 initial release). Sometimes fonts in some channels in the arrangement window and on the right VSTi pane are going nuts. When I double-click to rename, it shows correct font, but as soon as I press Enter to confirm it’s abracadabra again. I can’t determine the repeatable steps to show this issue, so I made a screen recording when it appeared last time. After restarting Cubase everything is going normal with proper rendering.

My system is:
MacMini M2 Pro (10 cores), 32Gb RAM, Sonoma 14.2

Link to the video showing this issue:

Hopefully it will be possible to “catch” this graphic glitch and fix it. Thank you!