Cubase 13 - Graphical display issues with Ryzen 5

Hi Cubase team, quite a few user over at VI-Control are reporting that we are getting lots of “redraw” issues (blank/un-themed areas of screen until moused-over again etc). Common denominator is AMD CPU (Ryzen 5) and Windows 11. Please have a look as Cubase 11 is working fine in my case.
Many thanks in advance.


Thank you for the thread Credole. I experience the same issues on my system. AMD Ryzen 5950x, Windows 11.

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It’s not just Windows 11. I’m getting it on Windows 10 Pro 22H2 too.

Things like (1) piano keys in the key editor occasionally appearing as a solid gray block, (2) dialogs that auto-change size to fit content not redrawing properly (lines and gray blocks appearing), (3) automation and event display glitches when adjusting automation points, (4) intermittent bright flashing in the info line at the top of the window when doing range selection in the main arranger area.

This is on a Ryzen TR3 3970X with an Nvidia 2080Ti graphics card. Cubase Pro 13.0.10 Build 123.

I had none of this in 12.0.70.

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Same problems here, Ryzen 7 3700 Windows 11, Had no problems with Cubase 12. Even editing in the score editor is quit impossible because the screen redraws constantly but not in a good way: other parts of the screen jump up on places where I am editing.

Me too.

Windows 11

I did find a new update for the RX graphics card this morning.

It seems to have helped some.

It is at its worst with a fresh launch, and seems to gradually stabilize and act right after a project has been open for a while.


Are you aware of this Known Issue, please?

On Windows only, unusual graphical artifacts may appear on the user interface under certain circumstances. We will resolve this issue with the next maintenance update.


I am getting the same issues with Intel i7 13700H, NVIDIA 4060 Laptop edition and Windows 11 Pro.

@Martin.Jirsak I understand it was published in the known issues, but this issue is so bad for me that I cannot use 13 because it is happening everywhere.

There is no reason why the Windows version should have been released with these kinds of GUI refresh issues. It would have been better to push the release date than release in this state.

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But it works on most Windows systems. I tried two AMD systems and have no graphical problems so far.

Installed it also on my laptop: no problems, works as it should. Hopefully a maintenance update will come soon because I want to work on my desktopcomputer with 2 big screens.

It probably has to do with people having an AMD videocard, not Ryzen 5. I’ve heard from people who have a NVIDIA card with a Ryzen 5 and they have no problems. I also have redrawing errors on my system.

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Could be, my desktop has indeed a AMD videocard. I installed the latest drivers, but it did not solve the problem. So I hope Steinberg can find a solution for this.

Both of my currently tested systems use AMD video cards.

Happening to me with an NVidia card. Flashing and glitching, redraw issues. Menus, plugin UIs, the Key Editor.

I noticed similar symptoms in microsoft Word , so perhaps it is not Cubase but the Radeon driver which causes this.

Or maybe it is related to a third party tool installed on all the systems mentioned above.

We had many reports about different problems with a lot of “system tweaking tools” “windows helper utilities” and of course the all-time favourite, game booster software, in the past. Maybe there is something…

A few things that seemed to have helped in my case.

  1. Grabbed Latest Drivers for my AMD RX6600.

  2. My motherboard bios was a good 2 years behind. Updates seemed to be mostly about ‘security’, but who knows if this has anything to do with it. Still, I flashed an update since it was possible in my case.

  3. Made a Gaming Profile in the AMD Adrenaline Utility. Applied some settings. The ones that seems to have a positive impact on Cubase 13 performance are activating: Radeon Anti-Lag


Surface Format Optimization

It’s not perfect now, but far better. At least I can have a deep look into the program in spare time and start learning and prepping for some possible workflow enhancements :slight_smile:

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Same problem: Ryzen 9 5900HX (Radeon Graphics) , NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070, GPU GDDR6 8G

I have the same problem as described. Even cuts off certain VST instruments where I can’t scroll down and makes them unusable. Was not having this issue with 12, just 13 Pro. Intel Core 17 laptop with Nvidia Geforce RTX with another screen connected or not it still occurs. I am glad to have found this thread as I was pulling my hair out wondering what I had done wrong. Thanks everyone!

For what it’s worth I have all the same problems with Ryzen 9 7900 and AMD RX 6500 XT graphics card on Windows 11. Cubase 13 is virtually unusable. Let’s hope Steinberg fix this quickly!

Same to you…Losing patience…