Cubase 13: Group Channel Setting Toolbar GUI issue

I don’t know if anyone has already reported this.
The Channel Settings Toolbar has an useless and out of design arrow on the source list button.

I’m missing something?
(Windows environment)

That’s weird looking and doesn’t match what I’m seeing. Where you show it ‘does nothing’ that produces a normal dropdown for selecting an Input Source. And for the controls you labeled ‘work as expected’ the one on the left isn’t a down arrow but rather a left pointing arrow that works just like the corresponding right arrow - to cause the Settings Window to show the Input or Output Channel.

Thank you for your feedback. That’s really insane! I can see this behavior in the studio (Win 11) and the same at home (Win 10). Maybe it’s related to the Italian language setting? I give it a try…

Can you check this with a group channel?

Ok, that happens only with group channels.
I wonder why and if there is a logical reason that escapes me.

Yeah I can confirm that is how a Group Channel looks. I checked and in Cubase 12 it is the same. My guess is that this is something that got overlooked during a GUI facelift.

You should attach an issues tag to this threads title.


In Cubase 11 it’s not like this, everything works.

Got it!