Cubase 13 - how to sidechain mixer track fader?

I would need to know if it is possibly to simple sidechain a track fader volume in the mixer?
I mean: lets say I have a reverb on AUX and would like to control its volume (AUX REVRB FADER) with vocal pre-fader volume so that it would duck the AUX REVERB output volume in certain amount while there is any vocal present.

Sidechaining a compressor after a reverb does not do what I want: it just docks the signal but not completely removes it, in some cases even the most drastic threshold/ratio is simply not enough.

I have to have a way controlling effect amount by vocal input, that is the only thinkable way how could I do it.

So once again: is there a way how to sidechain specific mixer track volume fader to another audio input (in my case vocal output)?

Or does anyobody know about some VST gain plugin with SC option so that I could chain its gain knob to the vocal input signal?