Cubase 13 Input Transformer graphics bug

Hi, please check this behaviour in Cubase 13, maybe there is some graphical bug related to Input Transformer window. The steps done (on my system):

  1. Creating new project (empty)

  2. Creating MIDI track

  3. Setting Project Input Transformer to “Track”

  4. Open panel:

  5. Minimize (i.e. closin the edit pane):

  6. Open edit pane again:

See the result. If I activate the module the Insert buttons go over the white places as soon as I place the pointer over them:

I am running Win 11 Home 22H2, graphic card is nVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super, driver version 536.99 (Studio Driver). Display resolution is native 4K according to my monitor, i.e. 3840 x 2160, HiDPI enabled (in Preferences - Use System Setting). The Input Transformer window becomes OK as soon as I close and reopen it (but the behaviour described above is still reproducable here).

I am able to add any other detail which might help in this issue. Thnx for looking.



This is the known issue on Windows, mentioned in the Release Notes.

Oops - I am so sorry I did not read the mentioned document :-/ thnx for reply, Martin!