Cubase 13 inspector Volume/pan double click issue

Guys, can You please fix strange response beaviour of double clicking voume value - unpredictable click speed. Sometimes it’s single sometimes double…


Cold you be more precise with your description, please?

Double-click doesn’t make sense in this field.

  • Single-click to the slider: The slider moves to the click position.
  • Single-click to the value field: The field is in focus and you can type the value.

The double-click doesn’t bring any other functionality.

Well, it is actually NOT a double, not a single… absolutely unpredictable - sometimes have to click for 10 times to make it work. I sware I know how to click guys! Right now - single click… click… CLIIIck - NOTHING.

Would love some resolution to this issue. It’s quite problematic.

Here’s a video describing the issue more clearly.