Cubase 13 - is there a pitch shifting macro/keycommand yet?


I do a lot of audio pitch shifting. Most of the time, it’s -12 or +12, with or without time stretching (and different algorithms sometimes).

Is there any way to do these complete processes with a press of a key? I mean different key for a different scenario (+/- 12, time stretching)? I’m already calling pitch shifting process with a keypress, but would love to do it “macro” kind of way.



You can use the Direct Offline Process (DOP). You can set this as your favourite DOP chain within the DOP window. Then you can assign a Key Command to the favourite DOP slot.

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It’s definitely quicker with favorites, but is there a way to assign a keycommand to a specific DOP slot and run it with a keypress? Without involving AutoHotKey?


Then another way is to make a Macro with the given plug-in/process only and assign the Key Command to the Macro. But then you don’t have the value under control.

You can’t assign a Key Command to the plug-in/process directly. Sorry.

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