Cubase 13 key editors new function multiple parts question

Can you confirm for me
that the new multiple part editing function in the key editor only shows on the left part the activated tracks because otherwise for me given the number of tracks in my template there would be no interest


What do you mean by activated?

Which tracks are excluded on your side? Disabled and hidden tracks?

Yes disabled and hidden tracks


In the Visibility tab of the Key Editor, I can see all tracks (even the Disabled or the Hidden in the Project window). I can also enable the checkmark of the Disabled or Hidden tracks to show the data.

Locked track doesn’t appear in the list. if I first open the Key Editor then I lock the track then:

  • I can also enable the checkmark of a Frozen track, but data don’t appear.
  • If I try to enable the checkmark of a locked track. Nothing happens.

Is there something different on your side?

My question was how does this function behave?
I’m currently on Cubase 12 Pro and I’m considering switching to 13 but as I have a lot of disabled tracks and that I hide with PLEs
will the key editor reflect the main window otherwise I would have too many tracks and it would be unmanageable

Because small precision I created lots of PLEs and Macros
to select certain folders together
with my Sherlock Plugin and my touch screen
If I want to see the woodwinds and the strings
Brass with percussion
This is why I want to know if the new option in the key
editor corresponds well
to tracks visible from the main window

I have my answer in Tom Sigalas’ video
Lightning Fast Multipart Editing | New Features in Cubase 13

We can therefore see either the activated tracks
or visible tracks
It seemed logical but I wanted to be sure.

I will be able to update Cubase 13 :+1:


I agree, they are visible at this moment. But Locked track are not. Therefore I reported this inconsistency. So it might change in any update.