Cubase 13 large project file keeps crashing... I'm at a loss

Hi guys/gals,

I’m a big fan of Cubase ever since SX3 but for the first time I can say I can’t get it to work anymore.

Cubase 13 has always been ridden with crashes for me but it’s mostly workable, but one certain project file (quite a large project that I almost finished mixing) I can’t work even 1 minute without it crashing. I’m kind of desperatie because I’ve been trying everything I can.

It usually freezes when I open Slate VMR plugin, but it can also be when I open Ozone Maximizer or sometimes even Fabfilter Pro-Q3. It doesn’t make any sense. A lot of times just for the freeze the GUI of the problematic plugin turns completely white so there seems to be something graphic glitch going on too…

I use a lot of plugins but almost every track is frozen, so plugins/cpu isn’t much. I’ve updated plugins, Ilok Drivers, Nvidia Drivers (and looked at the settings) but nothing works.

Can you please help me?

You can find the crashdumps in here: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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What version of Cubase 13 are you using ? The latest is 13.0.30

yes! It’s the latest version.

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I often encounter this situation too, it’s terrible


Did you try initializing preferences? This is very important especially if you updated from previous versions on Cubase. Can cause a lot of weird issues.

Check out the “Initializing preferences” section here

Also in VMR make sure you have installed only those modules you have a license for (if you have perpetual licenses and not a subscription)