Cubase 13 - latest version - Score Cursor disappearing

Just downloaded Cubase Pro 13.0.10 Noticed that the cursor for my score editor staff screen is going on and off. I upgrade form Cubase 12 Pro final version.

Anybody else having this issue?

Alan Russell


What exactly do you mean, please? Do you mean the cursor disappearing and re-appearing? When does it disappear and when does it appear back?

Which cursor do you mean? The mouse cursor? Or the Playhead Cursor? Or the Step Input Cursor?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version?

What graphic card do you use? Do you have the latest driver installed?

Are you using HiDPI screen?

I will have to check the screen resolution - the live indicator in the score telling me exactly where the music is playing from (Playhead cursor) My GC has the latest drive. Windows 11 It disappears at different point in the staff line and then returns.

I made a short video of the issue but the forum is not accepting short video files. I have provided a link for you to view.

Alan Russell


Oh, I see. To me it looks like the graphic card is reaching its limits.

I also noticed that while I was recording the new audio modeling SWAM string section live through my wind controller Roland AE 30 pro, the record button went off and I also lost my shortcut to Cubase 13 pro on my desktop. this happened while the score editor was on the screen live.

I didn’t have this problem with the score editor in Cubase 12 professional. The playback cursor was always smooth. I changed my buffer rate to 256 but the same thing is happening with the unsteady playback cursor.

Alan Russell


Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, or rename/remove all Cubase preferences folders, to get the factory settings, please?

Cubase Preferences folders are:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

I performed the factory reset and the playback cursor of the score editor is still not smooth during certain points of the music

my graphics card has 6 GB VRAM. Nivida 1660 Super

my CPU and ram is just fine

That’s what I was thinking: CPU.
Is this your CPU usage while Cubase is idle?

No, this is while cubase 13 pro was playing back one of my recorded projects

I am finding that when the Asio guard is kept on the highest setting it’s a little bit smoother with the playback Curser in the score editor. Cubase 12 pro was much smoother.

I highly doubt this is my graphics card it has 6 GB of video ram

As you can see, the smoothness of the project cursor depends on your system performance: CPU and/or ASIO.
But I did not observe any noticeable difference between Cubase 13 and 12.

can you create a short video of one of your projects with the score editor?


Look in my profile. There is a link to a video in there.

Thank you

I am getting the same problem. Nothing wrong with my graphics card or CPU. The CPU usage red indicator does not appear. However, disabling muted tracks seems to solve it. Having said that, it was OK in Cubase 12 without having to disable tracks. This could be something for future updates.

Further to my reply above. I was wrong - it does not completely solve it, but the cursor disappears less often.

Are you using any Kontakt (Native Instruments) instruments?
Also, when you try to export the score, the box to put the file name in and the location does not seem to work. You cannot click on it at all.