Cubase 13 left side channel view question about its access method

I am not bashing or complaining, but I just wanted to know why the decision to make this a separate left zone was made?
Like, I cannot understand why it is not just a tab within the classic left zone? Why do we need two left zones? Is there any use case for this?

It seems I have caused some confusion so I expand:
I like this new feature. It is great, and I use it all the time.
My question is about the access method of this feature.
Why did it have to be an entirely frankeinstainean, add-on left section with its own button?
What is the reason for this?

Why is the access method not here:
Or here:


I think that’s an interesting question as well. I don’t know the actual answer but I find the two left panels handy because they can each be customized. This allows me to view information without having to stack ALL of it into one panel, verically.

If you have a lower resolution screen, this is useful. I lack vertical space.

Just asked myself the same question yesterday.

Would it not have been easier to just add the new quick EQ - which is great btw. - to the inspector? The inspector is also freely customizable and can be set to open several taps at once or exclusively when there’s not enough screen real estate.

Have to chime in here in agreement. There was some discussion on another thread about how useful this feature is, but for me the new inspector that displays much more information without the clicks is excellent, while the extra left zone seems superflous.

I have a decent ultra wide screen, so perhaps it is more useful to peeps with limited screen real estate, but this seems like an unnecessary feature, and it has been closed since I started working on C13 in ernest…

I think I did not explain myself well.
So, I actually like the feature, as superfluous and overlapping as it may seem.
However, I cannot understand why it is a section in itself, when it could just have been a new tab to the left zone, along with the Editor tab (from the bottom), which I don’t think I’ve ever used. Or might as well be an upper tab, like Visibility.

I find it very strange to make it separate, because if you use the inspector already, then you don’t need it, but I could see myself using it OR the inspector from time to time, and never both at the same time.

I was initially sceptical about the usefulness of the Channel view.

Now I can’t live without it - in fact I’m using it more than the mixer window for writing and mixing! (cuts down massively on mouse miles)

The only thing I still use the Inspector for is the midi-modifiers for transposition and a bit of randomising, and sometimes offsetting the time.

Horses for Courses!

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It’s here because Steinberg is listing. I myself positioned the Mixer 3 displaying just one channel at the far left and resized the arranger window so these two fitted nicely together. This was a big timesaver. There is an entire thread about this setup somewhere in this forum. People liked it very much and I’m happy too that this is fully integrated with Cubase 13 now.
Thank you Steinberg!


I think the current original post, after being edited, should be clear enough. Sorry for the confusion.
Nothing against the feature, but the access method causes me two issues:
1.- The button to open it takes horizontal space
2.- I need now a new shortcut for this section, when I already have all my controllers perfectly mapped to open each section (left, bottom, right) and I am out of buttons.
3.- It (the button) looks taped into Cubase, and not a fundamental part of it.