Cubase 13 – macOS Sonoma 14.1 compatibility

We are pleased to announce the compatibility of Cubase 13 with macOS Sonoma 14.1. For those who have already updated to macOS Sonoma 14, we highly recommend installing the latest update 14.1.

Please check the compatibility of your other hardware and software products, as they may affect the usability of Cubase 13.

Find out more about the macOS Sonoma product compatibility here:

Please let us know if you encounter any issues.


I’m happy to be able to use Cubase with peace of mind on the latest OS Sonoma.
I’m also glad that you were able to provide us with reassurance so quickly.

We look forward to continued improvements and bug fixes in response to user feedback.

I’m Encountering a major issue that crashes cubase 13 everytime I try to change that channel Eq and equaliser curve from the small window in the channel or mixer section. Attached is crash log file. Issue is not present in Cubase 12 Equaliser curve

In the time I made this post and now cubase has completely bricked and have no option but to use 12 after paying for an upgrade. Awesome. More crash logs :frowning:
Cubase 13-2023-11-10-172727.ips (151.1 KB)
Cubase 13-2023-11-10-172832.ips (153.5 KB)

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Two questions.

When will you release the test/demo version of CB13? I would like to try this myself before upgrading.

Does this mean that you will stop supporting Cubase 12?

That’s very good news! But I have many open projects still in 12 pro and that’s why I didn’t update yet. Can you please inform if the 12 pro is already compatible with Sonoma?
Many thanks!

I’m on a Sonoma with a new Mac Studio Ultra.
I’m not able to save my loaded plugin’s presets via the Cubase Preset save feature, which is something I lean on A LOT. Is this just an issue in Sonoma or have others encountered this on earlier MacOS’s as well under Cubase 13??

It will not allow me to create a preset subfolder either.

Do you think it may be some sort of new security permission issue or something??

Please advise…

Images are below:
No Preset Save 1

This could indeed be a disk permission issue. The presets are saved to YOUR_HOME_FOLDER/Library/Audio/Presets/. Check that you have write access to this and its subfolders.

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I gave Cubase Full Disk Access in the Security panel, but sadly it changed nothing… I still can’t save plugin presets conveniently in my DAW dropdown menu. :frowning:

Can this be registered with Cubase as a MAJOR BUG?

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Cubase 13 doesn’t have Full Disk Access here, and saving and loading presets works just fine. I just saved a bunch of them in SoundToys Filterfreak in a project about an hour ago using both Cubase’s preset menu and the internal SoundToys one.

Hi @linenoise , this is the wrong way to fix this on your side. Please revert the Disk Full Access for Cubase, that is not needed and may pose a security risk.
To actually fix this you need to go to that preset folder in the and then select Get Info from the File menu and in there you need to fix the issue by changing the Sharing & Permission settings you find at the bottom of the Info window.
The first entry must be your user name on the Name column and Read & Write in the Privilege column. It may already be the case that this setting is already set, but now comes the important part, click on the Lock icon in the bottom right and enter your credentials and afterwards click on the popup button with the three points in it below the table and choose Apply to enclosed items.... This should fix the issue.

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Howdy. I’m having difficulty getting Cubase 13 Pro up and running. When I launch it, it immediately goes into safe mode. Whether I choose to “deactivate all third party plug-ins” or not, and whether or not I choose to “disable program preferences” or “delete program preferences”, I get the same result:

The program will briefly initialize, then prompt me for an audio driver. I choose the UR28M interface I own. After hitting “OK”, the program immediately gives me a message stating “This application runs natively on Apple silicon and supports native VST 3 plug-ins only. Support for VST 2 plug-ins is available in Rosetta mode.” Then it freezes before I can even hit “OK”. I’ve tried reinstalling - no luck.

Thanks for any help.

@Arne_Scheffler Excellent! That fixed it. Thanks so much!


At first I thought my tracks were empty but after fudging around, I found I had gotten zoomed out to the asteroid belt.

I’m finding Cubase doesn’t change the OS cursor into the tool-specific cursors (e.g. pencil, eraser). Hovering over a MIDI note flashes the correct tool icon on the mouse for maybe just a frame and then it’s the OS mouse again. Has anyone else encountered this?

EDIT: It’s the same with my old install of Cubase 12. I’m not sure what is happening here.

Yes. I find it is in my case always caused by a Media Bay window running in the background. Move the main window and if it’s there close it and the problem goes away.

I don’t think that’s my particular trigger, but I guess this is a general issue caused by potentially many things.
I’m finding that Cubase 13 crashes a lot on me. Also a lot of VST GUIs flicker and I’m not sure if it’s because of promotion on some macbooks. So strange. I haven’t updated to 14.1.2 however. Only 14.1, if that matters. I think it’s a Cubase issue though.

Other than being trendy, are there any technical advantages to using Sonoma over one of the more mature and thereby thoroughly tested Mac OSes, like Monterey or Ventura?

And it’s not like those older Apple computers are going to break any time soon. I’m typing this on my 2009 Mac Pro. :slight_smile:

Guess it depends on the user really. My Mac is my Cubase machine, but it’s also my computer I do everything else on too. In that sense I often have to update things here and there, and usually just keep it up to date. I’ve always been an ‘early adopter’ but then again I like the ‘adventure’, I’m in IT for a living, it’s kinda my thing. I’m also not running a pro studio though, so I’m not going to lose money by updating my OS or plugins all the time either.

I was happy with my 2010 Mac Pro running Mojave but there’s already audio software I use that you can’t install that far back anymore. That finally got retired in 2020 with an i7 Mini, that’s already been replaced by an M2 Pro Mini. Eventually you’re going to want to update some plugin or your DAW and will probably have to move on. But ultimately, if it ain’t broke, there’s no need to fix it, so they say. If someone’s perfectly happy that the tools they have at the moment do the job they want them to, there’s no reason to do anything other than keep using what you’ve got.

My reason for mentioning the Sonoma upgrade was that there really is no urgency to be a new adopter, especially when it’ll take a while before the dust settles and it’s actually safe to use based on more than the words of marketers.

It’s risky enough just being creative, let alone having to worry whether your software is going to bail on you.

And then there’s Air Music Tech, which still warns people not to upgrade from Mac OS 9.2. I’m kidding, but yeah, it can be slow going out there.