Cubase 13 Markers Help

I’m not a Cubase expert, came from PT. I thought I had a handle on Markers in CB but now with 13 I must have clicked something or changed a setting. Now when I add a marker, it shows up like a TRACK in the arrange window. I even have a marker track enabled in Visibility and see no new marker. If I call it “Chorus” nothing shows up there, only a new “track” called Chorus which apparently does nothing. What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for any help.

Markers work the same in 13 as before. It’s hard to determine from a text description what things actually look like. Could you please post a screenshot of what you are seeing.

After creating a marker called Chorus, it shows up in the tracks window. Never have seen this. Note also no flag in the actual Markers window.

How are you trying to create the Marker? There are Key Commands to both add New Markers and also to Add New Marker Tracks, perhaps you are using the wrong one.

Just clicking the + sign and choosing “marker”…


This plus sign, 'cause it’s for adding Tracks


Yes I was…BUT…using the shortcut I have for ADD MARKER…brings up this:

And again results in a TRACK in the tracks window. This is so strange…

Could you check in the “Key Commands” menu what is your shortcut assigned to?

OK again you were right, I was in the wrong place.

BUT…now I corrected it to this:

And the shortcut does nothing. The ONLY way I can see a marker show up is to click the add marker in the proper place using the plus button This is maddening :wink:

I think the reason for this is that markers can only go on marker tracks, not other types of tracks. Thus, for this to work, you’d need to make a marker track (i.e. the one you want the marker to go on – keep in mind Cubase Pro supports having more than one market track in a project), the active track before using the shortcut key.

If you’re using the market track for song structure, you can keep it in the top portion of a divided project window, so it always sits right below the timeline when scrolling the main portion of the window, and that also makes it easy to just click the relevant add marker button when a new marker is needed (and there is no need to change focus to the marker track in that case since the button is already on the relevant marker track).

So, I just opened Cubase 12, where I had the ENTER key set for adding a marker. It didn’t matter what track I had selected, hitting the ENTER key worked fine.

Trying to do this using COMMAND/ENTER in Cubase 13 only works if the marker track is selected, otherwise nothing. So at least I can add markers again :wink:

Still, this is either a bug or a real poor design decision, since it didn’t work like this in 12, and in no DAW I know of do you have to firsts select a Markers track before adding a marker with a key command. There must be something I’m missing, still.