Cubase 13 - meters moving, click working, but no sound

This is something new in C13. It could be a legacy thing, carried over with a C12 project file, getting somehow corrupted. This happens randomly on multiple C12 projects that I’ve been working on in C13 for a week or more.

This is hard to trace, but occassionally, the sound will stop playing. The project locator moves, things look normal, click still works and is audible, meters are moving, outputs as shown below are setup fine, audio interface is ok. I can even record audio, but get no sound on output.

I tried reassigning audio outputs, changing ASIO drivers to none and then back to RME. Turning audio interface off and on.

I have to quick Cubase and reload project to fix this (until next time).

Anyone recognize this behavior?


Do you have any plug-in in Demo/Trial mode installed by any chance?

Thanks, I’d expect it to be something like that, but no. In that case the meter on master bus wouldn’t move, but it does move as if there was audio going out.

I bet it would even properly export. I’m gonna check next time it happens.


Maybe try to reinstall your ASIO driver. Make sure, you have the latest version installed.

If you are on Windows, try to install it as administrator, please.

try change driver to generic low latency driver, while in an open project,
and then back to your soundcard driver!

Thanks. Tried that too and it doesn’t help.

Will try reinstalling drivers tomorrow.

Basically C12 works, no such random issue. Closing and reopening Cubase 13 helps too, so there’s that. Not permanent. But I had this problem last weekend and had to restart a couple of times every hour :/.

Just an update, that reinstalling drivers didn’t have any effect. I’m still occassionally getting this.

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Facing the same issue. I just upgraded from c11 elements to c13 artist. Since I don’t have any sound in my soundpaint plugin. Though it seems to “see” the midi files…but no sound.

Got it working again…

Somehow I have the same library within soundpaint TWICE. the upper; no sound . Second; sound as used to.

As said, I just upgraded from c11 elements to c13 artists. Maybe Cubase changed the library’s setup or something…

However, for me it works again. I’ll try to remove the not working library.