Cubase 13 - MIDI CC controller data channel and what it should be set to? And why?

When I create a midi track, it seems the controller data for that track gets set to whatever the midi track’s group and channel are set to in the Inspector.

In the image you see CC3 has it’s channel set to 9 because I drew in that data and the Oboe 02 is outputting group and channel 09,

But if I copy a midi Part from, say Oboe 01 (which is on outputting on midi channel 08), to my Oboe 02 track (midi channel 09), the CC3 controller data gets copied as channel 08 and not channel 09).

I’m confused as to the purpose of CC controller data having it’s own channel that can be set – and also confused as to why a Part would copy and the CC data and wouldn’t update to the new midi track’s output channel.

ETA: When I draw in controller data on the new copied Part in Oboe 02, the controller data draws in as channel 09.

Any clarification will help,


Any MIDI Message (excluding system messages like SysEx) has own MIDI Channel. This is defined by MIDI standard.

In Cubase the default MIDI Channel is 1. So if you draw A MIDI Message, it will mostly get MIDI Channel 1. If you record the MIDI data, the MIDI Channel is provided by the source of the data (so by the MIDI keyboard or any other Input device).

If you set the MIDI Channel of the MIDI (or Instrument) Track to Any, the MIDI Channel of every single MIDI Message is taken in account. So the output is using the MIDI Channel of the given MIDI Message.

If you specify the MIDI Channel of the track (what is the default settings), the MIDI Channel of individual messages is being overwritten by this specific task’s global MIDI Channel.

Ok. Thanks for making it more clear.

So, would there be any foreseeable trouble later on if I copied, say, track Flute 01’s Part (which is on MIDI channel 01 and contains CC11 MIDI data on channel 01 - by having drawing it in) to track Oboe 3’s Part (which is on MIDI channel 05? Oboe 3’s copied CC11 data will be on channel 01 instead of channel 05, but if I draw further CC11 data into Oboe 03, it will be on channel 05.

Or does it matter? I’ve never paid attention to it before and have done some big orchestral templates, so I’m assuming it doesn’t really matter.

If it does matter, is there a way to make a copied part inherit and update the CC data to reflect the new track’s MIDI channel when as the Part is copied? Similar to the way newly copied Parts can update the Part’s name to that of the track it’s being copied into?



No, it doesn’t matter. The MIDI Message’s MIDI Channel is going to be overwritten by the track’s MIDI Channel (if you don’t use MIDI Channel: Any) anyway.

Thanks for the help!

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