Cubase 13 MIDI Input for Faderport 2 Issue

I’ve updated to Cubase 13.010 and and when I start from scratch to setup the Faderport 2; after adding the Mackie Control device Cubase is not seeing PreSounus FP2 for the MIDI Input. I have tested the FP2 device with MIDI-OX and both Input and Output is working from the FP2 device.
Is there something I’m needing to change in Cubase 13 to allow the recognition of my FP2 MIDI Input?


Make sure the Faderport is connected and switched on before you start Cubase, please.

I shut down Cubase and then turned off and then back on the FP2 and now I am able to select the PreSonus FP2 MIDI Input device. Other than not being able to drop in markers with by pressing the Encoder knob I think I’m good. Come to think of it no one has ever told me when the FP2 should be turned on, but turning it on prior makes sense to me. Thanks!