Cubase 13 - Mono -> Stereo on External Instruments


I have some mono hardware synth configured as External Instruments in Cubase.
To put some stereo FX in this track i have to route to a stereo group.
Now inCubase 13 there is a new feature to make audio channel to stereo, so how to do it for my external instruments?

One approach: configure the external mono instrument as a stereo instrument and connect your synth to the left input (leave the right input unconnected). Then use the MonoToStereo plugin. For “true” mono, use the mono option in the plugin. The result is a stereo track with both channels being equal. From there on, stereo effects should work as you want them to.

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Thanks, that’s a great solution.

Pro: I don’t need to use Bus channel anymore

Cons: Using MonoToStereo plugin for “true” mono, it will reduce -6db of volume

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