Cubase 13 mouse responsivness

When I try to change a value with a mouse (e.g. High-pass filter in PRE section) I click on it and pull a mouse towards a desired value, but it doesn’t do anything, until I make a drastic move with a mouse, but it makes a huge change in a value, so I cannot be accurate with a mouse (this wasn’t a problem in all previous verisons of Cubase)
Same for scaling a project. I click on top ruler and start to move mouse down - and nothing happens until a make a rapid move. Is it just me or someone has same issues?


I have the same issue. I want the mouse wheel for send levels back.
This is a major step back in time and workflow.

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Any solution?

Having the same problem, especially using Ruler to zoom in/out but also with dragging any numeric values. I thought it was just me, but noticeably different from V12

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no, I guess that’s something Steinberg need to fix

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Actually I found the solution, It’s just a setting with the default of being the opposite of cubase 12.
Uncheck the following setting
Cubase → Settings → Editing → Project & MixConsole → Vertical Scrolling: Disable Mouse Wheel for Parameter Change

Let me know if that does the job

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It’s the same here, especially in sliders, like send levels etc. It seems there’s quite the “dead zone” in the handling. If I want to lower a level, I click, drag to the left, nothing goes, and then it starts lowering the level.

And the mouse cursor ends up quite a way off from the control in the end of the tweak, whereas in Cubase 12, it was more or less “synced”. Where I let go of the mouse button, the mouse cursor position would be at that range of the control.

(Sorry for not adding a gif, I’m at work.)

I wonder if HiDPI has anything to do with it, I have it turned off (I think)

Wow, looks like it helped. THANK YOU

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Glad to help! Stay creative

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The preference doesn’t affect the lag here. Anyone else on Windows that can give this a try?

Decided to try out the C13 Trial this weekend.

Noticed this (horribleness) almost straight away… the Preference setting suggested above does nothing to counter the ‘lag’ in responsiveness to mouse click-drag behaviour. The kind of behaviour that didn’t affect C12.

However, what I did find was:-
clicking and starting your drag v-e-r-y slowly will give immediate response in the slider to the drag operation. But as soon as you try and use this as you would in C12 say, there is a very noticeable delay before the (eg Send level slider) actually moves.! It is really unsettling to how you’re used to working.!

And as @ggmanestraki says above, you end up with the cursor some ways off from where you should normally be… the visual and muscle-memory co-ordination offset, is jarring.

Will I just ‘get used to’ this new way.? After a few hours fiddling around inside C13 generally, I can say, no… an still finding it clumsy and off-putting.

Has there been any fixes for this issue, makes me want to go back to Cubase 12, my workflow is so slow and uncomfortable now, along with the way the EQ now works it takes so long and so much trial and error just to make simple adjustments.